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3 Investments eCommerce Businesses Must Make to Provide 5 Star Customer Service.


Customer service continues to drive businesses. Happy customers translate into higher sales and greater profit margins. Consumers expect no less than a 5 star customer service from eCommerce businesses to continue their loyalty with them. Anything less than this is not acceptable.

Unfortunately, a survey conducted by the 2014 American Express Global Customer Service Barometer reveals that 38 percent of participants were unhappy with the kind of service they were receiving. The data reveals that there is a significant gap between customer expectations and reality, and brands must work toward engaging customers in a better way to emphasize their importance and build a loyal stream of customers. It is here that technological innovation can come in handy, and brands can leverage technology to deliver exceptional experience every time and convince consumers to return.



1. Harness the Power of Social Networks


Businesses must recognize the importance of a strong presence in social media, where a majority of their potential customers are actively looking for solutions. By making a strong presence in social networks, you can better engage and interact with customers. Twitter is one social networking platform where such interactions are growing exponentially. McKinsey & Company data reveals that there was an increase in the number of tweets mentioning brands between 2013 and 2015.

It is in your best interests to leverage Twitter to provide customer service. Brand followers can send direct messages to the company’s verified accounts on Twitter regarding service-related questions, without requiring the brand to follow back. Additionally, brands with multiple Twitter accounts can assign a particular handle with a “provides support” label to make it easier for customers to direct their concerns to authorities concerned.

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2. Integration Into Mobile App


With the proliferation of smartphones, brands have an opportunity to offer instant 5 star customer service. Integrating customer service into your mobile apps is a great opportunity to provide immediate service for customers requiring your assistance. Additionally, you can harness the mobile app technology to deliver important updates on customer’s smartphones regarding real-time shipping information or ticket status.

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3. Live chat feature for quick response to customer queries


Consumers expect quick and reliable answers. It is in your best interests to capture warm leads and engage with them in the most appropriate way with quick solutions to their problems. Adding a live chat feature in your website gives potential customers a quick-fix to their problems. Perhaps this is a low-cost strategy to cultivate an emotional connection with your audience.

According to a research study by Forrester, a majority of consumers admit that a live chat feature is one of the key requirements for an online store, which influences their buying decision.


Research from eMarketer finds that more than 60 percent of survey participants admit to return to an eCommerce store that offers quick-fix solutions through its live chat feature.


All in all, brands that integrate customer service into their infrastructure can wow their audience and build a successful, lasting relationship with them. Leverage new technological tools to emphasize prominence of efficient customer service throughout the organization.

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Bottom Line

Invest in ongoing training and commit to empower employees with the best technology tools to enable them to exceed customer expectations. Happy, satisfied customers often translate into loyal followers. So capture them right here!


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