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Is Your Social Media Plan Ready for 2017?


When it comes to marketing, social media continues to be the undisputed king. For most marketers, social media is more than just entertainment. Rather, social networks have become the best platform to promote your business. The content you post in social media helps not only expand your reach, but also present you as a market leader or authority, which is important for sales and lead generation. So what is your social media plan for 2017? If you aren’t yet focused on social networks, it’s high time you started to gain maximum advantage.


Social Networks Aren’t Created Equal

You already know that Facebook continues to be the leader in social media, with over 1.59 billion active users. Other social networks, including Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram are far from Facebook reach.  It’s important to be selective about posting in social media. For example, you sell a male-oriented product, so it is a good idea to focus on YouTube in your social media marketing strategy, as it is fairly male dominated.

According to Digiday, a digital marketing firm, men spend 44 percent more time in YouTube per month compared to women. On the other hand, Instagram and Facebook boast a higher percentage of women visitors than men. It is important to keep these demographics in mind while creating your marketing strategy.

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Social Media Attracts News Rush

Social networks aren’t just about entertainment. A number of people use different social media channels to stay current with updates from around the globe. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that an increasing number of web users see social networks as their first source of news. Facebook and Reddit attract a huge traffic interested in breaking news, attracting 66 percent and 70 percent, respectively. In fact, most news networks source news tips from social media. For the millennial traffic, Facebook is the primary news source. Do consider this when drawing up your social media plan.

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Influence of Social Media on Purchases

Facebook continues to be the biggest traffic puller among social networks. It is where the buying influence is likely to be the maximum, closely followed by LinkedIn and Instagram. Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter follow next, with 20 percent, 12 percent, and 8 percent, respectively, buying influence.

This clearly shows that demographics hold importance in social media marketing, and Facebook ads count.

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Rising Marketing Budgets for Social Networks

Social media marketing is a big crowd puller. This clearly shows in the marketing statistics for previous years. While it accounted for $9.74 billion in 2015, marketers are expected to spend $13.51 billion on social networks in 2017.

It would help to be more creative as new entrants join the bandwagon. Alternatively, it is important as there is a steady rise in the saturation point for advertorial material.

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Which Social Networks Provide the Best ROI

When it comes to creating your social media plan, it is in your best interests to determine the best social networking platforms that look more promising than others. Of course, Facebook continues to be the most promising platform, with 95.8 percent, followed by Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Bottom Line

Focusing on social media in your 2017 marketing plan and being selective about social networks can promise to provide you with best returns.


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