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Holidays 2016 Shopping Experience Recap.


Holidays 2016 Shopping Experience Recap.


The 2016 holiday shopping chapter should be officially over. Every retailer tried to offer a better customer experience before the year end and minimize returns and exchanges. Let’s do a recap of the holiday 2016 shopping experience to identify how retailers fared in the eyes of customers, including their weak and strong spots.

What is it that retailers would want to improve this year? Were there any specific complaints from customers?


Here is some data compiled by Convey from various sources.

The positives that emerged from the previous year data include:

The record-breaking shipments point toward the kind of engagement between customers and retailers. Statistics reveal that, in the Thanksgiving weekend alone, retailers made shopping irresistible for consumers, with 44% shoppers shopping online.


Customer engagement has grown this year, with 7% shoppers leaving delivery feedback and 6% using the track my order service to keep a track of their order.


Records also show that there has been a rise in mobile subscriptions, with about 7% SMS subscribers the previous year.


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The Bad: Holidays 2016 Shopping Experience

Obviously not all was well with customer experience last year. Statistics show that 11% experienced an issue or two. About 51% feedback received was negative. The blame for this was put on untimely delivery of orders, with 1 of 5 customers not been able to receive packages before Christmas. Retailers blame it on two reasons – winter weather and surging volume of shipments – with 1 of 25 last-minute orders missing their deadline before Christmas.

While delays (35%) top the list of customer complaints, other causes of poor experience include missing packages (24%), damages (7%), and unsatisfactory service (5%).


On the other hand, carriers have reported different statistics, with attempted deliveries topping their list with 34% and product damages (19%), delays (8%), and incorrect address (7%) following closely.


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The Ugly

The worst is yet to come, with 70% shoppers unwilling to return after a negative delivery experience. For obvious reasons, shoppers always blame the retailer for poor experience. When something goes wrong with delivery, product, or service, the blame always falls on the retailer.

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The Takeaway for the Future

Perhaps there is a lot to learn from the 2016 holiday shopping experience to take control of things for this year.

  • Set expectations early – Statistics show that 47% of customers are unhappy primarily due to missed expectations. It is a good idea to set expectations early to bridge the gap and let them know what they should expect from your service.
  • Choice of options – Give customers a list of delivery options to choose from. Research reveals that two-thirds of consumers prefer to choose a retailer that gives them different delivery options.
  • Efficient service – Customers are always looking for the best service. Offer them efficient and ease of service to build brand loyalty and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Order tracking – Shoppers always want to keep a track of their shipments. If you believe statistics, 47% of customers prefer not to do business with a retailer that does not offer order tracking option.
  • Proactive communication – An unhappy customer always wants to be heard first. With a proactive communication approach, you can better engage with them and bring their temper down by offering solutions to their problems as soon as they arise.

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