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Here’s What You Need to Know about Google Shifting to a Mobile First Index.


Here’s What You Need to Know about Google Shifting to a Mobile First Index.


This is a mobile first world. Mobile has become an integral part of our lives, right from early morning alarm to checking email at bedtime, so much so that search queries on mobile have surpassed that on desktop. Now that you already know the importance of having a mobile responsive website, are you ready to welcome mobile visitors?

Well, you may still not be ready for mobile audience if your content is still to be optimized for new search queries. Recently, Google announced flipping search results index, which will split its index of search results into mobile and desktop versions, prioritizing mobile results.

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What Is Mobile-First Indexing?

After the latest mobile algorithm update, mobile-friendly content will determine the ranking of search engine results pages. Pages that show specific content to desktop visitors, while excluding the same for mobile visitors, the change in search results may be more pronounced due to mobile-specific content. Now search results will primarily focus on mobile content, it is in your best interest to consider what to add to your site’s mobile-friendly version.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are treated as mobile pages. With the latest update, these pages will be indexed first. It might help to prepare for mobile-first indexing.

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Preparing For the Mobile-First World

Mobilegeddon is a Google update that favors mobile-friendly websites. As a result, Google plans to build a special mobile-index for search results while flipping indexing to mobile-first.


Here’s what you need to do to prepare for mobile-first world:

  • Mobile-responsive website

Make sure your website utilizes responsive design and adapts to the mobile screen of visitors.


  • Adjust content for mobile

Is your page seen as an authoritative source of content in your niche? It would help to introduce variations in your content format. Consider audio and video formats that can be integrated into your strategy and improve user experience. Can a transcript be included for maximum SEO impact?

For sites that aren’t still mobile friendly, mobile crawler may appear in Google Search Console.


  • Prioritize key factors in mobile-first index

Here’s how you may identify the most crucial factors in mobile-first index. What is your website speed? It is crucial to keep an eye on the weight of content. It is the size that can drastically affect page loading speed. Slower loading pages cannot have a great user experience. It is user experience and engagement that impacts search engine results. Do visitors stay on your page or leave immediately? If they stay and engage with different links on your website, this shows they are highly engaged.

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Bottom Line

Google’s latest updates are still being discussed. However, it is a reminder that it is high time you switched to a mobile-friendly website, if you haven’t already done so.



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