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Basic Opt-in Forms For Your eCommerce Store.


Basic Opt-in Forms For Your eCommerce Store.


Running an eCommerce store isn’t easy, especially when just starting out. It’s a struggle to draw your first customer in and keep them hooked onto your products or services.

Statistics aren’t too encouraging either. According to a research report released by RJMetrics, eCommerce businesses struggle to get customers coming back.

It adds that a new eCommerce customer is worth $154 for their first visit and only 32% of existing customers came back to the store during the first year.


However, this doesn’t mean that there is no likelihood of attracting repeat business in eCommerce. In fact, the likelihood of additional customer purchases grows exponentially, rising from 50% for the third purchase and all the way up to 70% for the fifth. What’s the take-away from these figures?

Well, the importance of consistently engaging your audience holds the key to winning repeat business.

Using email opt-in forms is a great idea to push sales. By doing so, you create more opportunities for customers to come back for more. On top of that, email marketing is another tool to boost subscriber engagement.

RJ Metrics’ research also reveals that your stakes of boosting repeat business happens within the first 30 days of purchase, as customers are more likely to come back within one month. So, definitely contact them within the first 30 days.

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Use the following opt-in forms to convince customers to return to your eCommerce store:


1. Opt-in Form Before or End of Check Out.

Give them an offer of subscription to your newsletter. When a visitor arrives at your eCommerce site, they are already in the account creation process. So, it is a good idea to use their personal contact information, such as email, to market to that person. Add a checkbox to get their confirmation to receiving your email newsletter to make it easier.

In situations when a visitor does provide you with the info and opt-in, but leaves without completing the checkout process, it is still possible to reach out to them with cart abandonment messages and convince them to come back. For this reason, you may want to use the opt-in before end of check out.

Other eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, give you this option by default. All you need to do is configure it. If you use Magento or WordPress for eCommerce, it’s easier to create an opt-in form by using up a plugin and placing it before or at the end of check out.

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2. Opt-ins in the Header and Footer.

It’s a good idea to have header or footer sections on the important landing pages of your online store. In fact, every page, from products to category, acts like a landing page for shoppers. Of course, your home page would attract the majority of traffic. It’s a good idea to place a strong Call-To-Action at the top and bottom, driving potential customers to enter personal details and opt-in.

You may use different tactics, such as exclusive offers, pre-launch product notifications, and opt-in content, to entice them. Most shoppers are heavily attracted by first-time discounts.

Make sure the offers are placed above the fold on the landing or home page so they’re clearly visible to everyone. However, make sure there is no clutter.

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3. Pop up Opt-in When Exiting.

Nobody appreciates pop-ups that often flash on websites. However, pop-ups do work as a great marketing trick. Research reveals that Aweber drove 1,375% more email captures with pop ups that appeared when a site visitor was exiting the website when compared to a standard sidebar opt-in form. Instead of

Instead of showing pop ups right after the page loads, think about using it when the visitor exits. It is more eye catching then. Though most consumers find these pop ups annoying, pushing the right message holds the key to improve their acceptability. Avoid being too intrusive or distracting and get your opt-in offer right.

Exit opt-in forms are a perfect opportunity to capture more leads, since they pop up only when a website visitor is about to leave. Offering an incentive to subscribe is a good tactic to take your pop-ups to the next level.

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4. New Push Notifications are Becoming a Hit!

Though previously used only for mobile apps, push notifications are now being leveraged by other platforms. Since desktop usage accounts for 42% of online traffic, you would benefit to include this opt-in feature in your eCommerce store.

The simple opt-in requests permission from users to send push notifications. Since push notifications can hit on all devices. When visitors opt-in, notifications would be immediately delivered to them even if their browser isn’t open. If they click on the notification, they are taken back to the URL specified, helping you drive traffic.

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Bottom Line

Use opt-in forms as a marketing tool to get more customers and keep them engaged. As with any marketing or promotion method, don’t overdo it as that will turn customers off and will directly affect your bottom line.



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