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5 Tips to Start a Kickstarter Campaign.


5 Tips to Start a Kickstarter Campaign.


Starting and successfully running a Kickstarter campaign is the dream of many. However, a few mistakes here and there and you could be left wondering where it had gone wrong. Before giving Kickstarter a shot, it might help considering these 5 tips, so you can start a Kickstarter campaign and make it a success.


1. Value your backers.

For a successful campaign, you cannot ignore your backers. Backers are the people that are backing your idea and helping you find your campaign. They believe in your efforts and are looking for rewards for backing your crowdfunding project.

It helps to pay special attention to your backers’ advice. You may also want to utilize Kickstarter’s “Creator Dashboard” to get a clear picture of your visitor list. This neat feature enables you to track the activity of all those visiting your campaign page on kickstarter.

There’s another feature that could be of great use for your campaign. It’s the Kickstarter Status Board, which tracks feedback across different social media platforms and referrals. It also collects news stories pertaining to the campaign, giving you better insight into your target audience as well as your backers. When you know who your backers are and when you know something about their background, it will make it easier to communicate with them and keep them interested and engaged.

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2. Keep your story simple and limit rewards.

Offering too many rewards is not a great idea to run a successful campaign. Consumers may find them too distracting and too many freebies often cheapen the deal. The best way is to limit rewards and keep your Kickstarter story simple. Refrain from going too overboard with details. You do not want to have a long, boring chapter to read for your audience to know what your project is about. They would rather have a quick glance through a small paragraph of interesting, engaging text – three to five lines would be enough to entice readers. Get to your main selling point quick.

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3. Give a double thought to your fundraising goal.

Be realistic about your fundraising goal. Do not expect too much and end up dissatisfied with your campaign. Before you start a Kickstarter campaign, your expectation should be to raise just enough funds to kick start an initial run. By keeping your fundraising goal within easy reach, you could drastically improve your chances of reaching it. Of course, there will always be room for campaign expansion later, with the addition of more bonus goals. That keeps the project real and within reach.

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4. Short term or long term campaign?

Projects can last up to 60 days in Kickstarter. However, don’t think that a longer campaign will gather more funding and draw you toward success. Rather, it is more about the right approach. With the right word-of-mouth approach (and some online and offline marketing), your campaign can be successful within a short time. It would be a better idea to set the project deadline at 30 days or less and work toward its successful completion within the timeline.

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5. Turn to social networking for engagement and buzz.

While planning a Kickstarter campaign, think a step further about engaging with backers or interested parties. To ramp up buzz, it is crucial to engage your audience and talk about your product. By communicating directly with potential backers through social networks and other communication channels, you are taking steps toward your trust-building efforts and improving your chances of getting instant feedback. Communication with a real person would establish trust and confidence in potential backers and back their decision to support your campaign.

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Bottom Line

These are just the basics to start a Kickstarter campaign, but these basic are very important to your success. A lot more work and time must go into your fundraising in order to make it a complete success.



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