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Buyer Personas Help Increase eCommerce Conversions.


Buyer Personas Help Increase eCommerce Conversions.


There is a lot of buzz about persuasive buyer personas in the eCommerce industry. In simple words, a buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and insight. Buyer personas help you understand your customers clearly – their needs, preferences, and purchase behavior. The more information you have about customer preferences, the more successful the persona and better targeted your marketing efforts will be. All these efforts can help increase eCommerce conversions and directly affect your bottom line.


Take a close look at Demographics.

What are the key demographic factors of your audience? This includes gender, age, educational level, marital status, income level, and geographic location. It also includes all other characteristics that help you clearly define your target audience. More clarity about demographic factors can help build a better consumer profile.

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Get IN your customers’ heads!

Understanding demographic qualities alone may not help understand consumer behavior, as aspirations, values, and attitudes of different people in different regions tend to vary a lot. It is, therefore, important to get in your customers’ heads and understand their thinking process or likes and dislikes.

Having an intimate feel of your audience will help you target your marketing efforts more effectively. It will help you drive product development, tailor content, and cater to the specific needs of customers and increase eCommerce conversions.



To dig deeper into understanding buyer personas, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How can my content appeal to a shopper and benefit them? Why will they prefer my content over others’?
  • What are the key problems concerning my buyers?
  • Is there anything that can distract a potential customer’s attention from my content?
  • How can I convince a shopper to take an actionable step?

Your products must stand apart from the competition so potential customers do not hesitate from choosing you over other alternatives. Consider the criteria that may influence purchase decisions of a shopper and act on them.

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Bottom Line

By digging deeper into the minds of your ideal customer, you can create better buyer personas. This will help you create more organized and better inbound marketing campaigns to reach a wider audience, influence purchase decisions, and increase eCommerce conversions.


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