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Google Removes Sidebar Ads: eCommerce Products Show Up in Sidebar Instead.


Google Removes Sidebar Ads: eCommerce Products Show Up in Sidebar Instead.


If you are familiar with Google search result display, then you also remember the “sidebar ads” that would appear every time you searched for something in Google. Google has removed sidebar PPC Ads, instead introduced a new concept – product placement.


What is Product Placement?

Now that the sidebar ads on the right side are gone, Google has opened the doors of opportunity for eCommerce businesses to showcase their products in search in the right sidebar. Now when you search something, you see a grid of products relevant to your search in the right sidebar. eCommerce stores can make the most of this new opportunity. However, they must address the product placement protocol first.

For paid product ads, the keywords you bid on are important because they tell Google what you’re selling. It decides how many clicks you will receive when users search for relevant keywords. Double check your ad practices to make sure your products appear during searches. What words might consumers use to look for the products you’re selling?

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Proper Placement Protocol.

If you are selling a pair of shoes, you may want to use the color as one of the search terms so that your product ad appears in the search results. However, since there may be different types of red shoes competing for space in the limited grid in the sidebar, it may help to specify the type and style of shoes you are selling to bring more defined results and reduce the competition for space in the product Ad grid.

It would help to add more relevant keywords to narrow down the search and drive leads, using keywords that are more likely to convert browsers into buyers.

With the condensing ad space in search engine results, eCommerce companies have to compete hard to come up in search results, find space in the product display grid, and pay more to secure a spot in Google. It should not come as a surprise if you find ballooning ad prices. But consistent tweaking of your ads and pricing structure can help you maintain your spend while maintaining ad quality and still getting a good CTR and Conversions.

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Bottom Line

Remember, your only defense for paid ads is a strong strategy that gives you an edge over the competition. Diversify your traffic acquisition strategy and think smarter about pay per click to get traffic and retain your highly valued customers.


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