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How to Ship Anything!


How to Ship Anything!


Shipping is an essential part of online selling these days. You are losing out valuable sales opportunities if you only offer local pick up services or don’t mix and match shippers to get the best rate. Usually customers are willing to pay a shipping fee if there is a guarantee of secure shipping, ensuring their shipment will reach them safely and at the expected time.


It is important to understand the basics of shipping, including how to ship all products and how much it will cost.



Finding Local Shipping Services

When looking for local shipping services, it is easy to get started. Simply perform a web search to look for local shippers in your area. Type your town name alone with keywords, such as shipping, freight, services, crate, and international. For example, if you live in Arizona, search for “Arizona shipping,” or “Arizona international shipping,” among others.

  • Heavy items often require freight shipping. You will find a number of freight services in your area with reasonable prices.
  • Contingency plans are a savior. It’s important to plan and prepare ahead for worst-case scenarios. Make sure you research and review insurance coverage offerings from each shipper. Pay special attention to the claims process. What steps do you plan to take in the event of loss or damage?

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Special Shipping Situations

Reliable shipping options are available at reasonable prices for all types of products, from large furniture to diamonds to automotive parts and livestock as well.

Expensive and valuable items:

It is easier than ever to ship valuable goods, such as jewelry. In fact, shipping options for pricey items have expanded, with FedEx offering a shipping service for jewelry with a declared value of $50,000. The USPS shipping service for valuable items is a little different. But both FedEx and USPS offer top-notch tracking service for valuables, holding drivers accountable and requiring signatures along the route to ensure highest security for shipping valuables.

Big, heavy items:

Shipping bulky items is easier now, and customers do not mind paying a shipping fee if there is a guarantee that their valuable items will arrive unharmed. You will need to use freight shipping for bulky, super-heavy or oversized items. A simple search in Google will take you to a list of freight shippers in your area, so it will be easier to find options and compare prices.

Odd shapes and sizes:

Create your own box with large cardboard pieces to ship an item that does not fit into a conventional box. The least expensive solution for self shipping is to find used cardboard at appliance stores or supermarkets. Use extra-strong shipping tape to build a customized box. Or you may want to take the product to a shipping center and get the packaging done for a fee.

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Outsource to a 3PL Shipping Partner

Another great way to ship anything with great pricing, added security, with low shipping costs is to outsource shipping to a third party logistics company (3PL) like Xipix Logisitx.

When you outsource order fulfillment or shipping, you will:

  • Not need warehouse space for inventory
  • Not need more employees
  • Save time on processing and shipping orders
  • Save on shipping rates with major shippers
  • Save on shipping supplies and materials
  • Have professionally packed shipments

Outsourcing order fulfillment is like running your eCommerce business on auto-pilot. You can concentrate on managing your product line and clients, and your fulfillment partner works on inventory, shipping and handling your product. Your 3PL will also safe guard your product in their insured warehousing facility and give you on demand reporting whenever needed.


Bottom Line

There are specialized shipping solutions available for different types of products. You can ship even perishable fresh seafood, trees, and animals! Still wondering how to ship? Invest some time into looking for experts like Xipix Logistix. This means you have great potential for online growth and shipping cannot hold you back. Anything and Everything can be shipped!


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