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3 Tips: Turn Setbacks into Success


3 Tips: Turn Setbacks into Success

There is no entrepreneur that has not suffered numerous setbacks. To make matters worse, many times one setback leads to another and another. It often feels like a never ending circle! A successful entrepreneur is one who can turn setbacks into success. He must be able to turn setbacks into success and opportunities for growth, and change.


Here are 3 Tips to Turn Setbacks into Success for Your Business.


1. When down, take a break and reflect.

While learning to surf in Honolulu, I learned a good lesson. My surfing instructor said that if I get and caught in an ocean current, I should not freak out and should not try to break free of the current. That will just exhaust me as nobody can fight mother nature. I should just stay calm, and let myself be pulled into the riptide. By conserving energy, I will be able to paddle to shore easily and safely even if I am far out.

When facing problems, it is best to take a breather and reflect on how the problem arose, how best to fix it, and how to make sure it doesn’t occur again. Overreacting will just make you take the wrong decisions and make matters worse!


2. Knocked down, get back up… Repeat!

When you get knocked down, don’t fret. Just get back up and persevere. There’s a reason why people have been saying that forever. It simply works. I you allow failure to stop you from doing great things, you will never learn from failure and you will never succeed. A product didn’t work out with millions of sales, no problem, learn why and better your product or get on to your next product.

Focus on how you can make it better the next time instead of focusing on setbacks. That’s the only way to turn setbacks into success.


3. You’re not the only one that failed.

Every entrepreneur before you has failed, failed, and failed again before they saw any success. They learned from their failures and got back on the path to success. The best of the best have all faced setbacks, so don’t think that you are the only one who is having problems. Keep in mind that Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and countless others who have made it big, made many mistakes and fell many times only to get up and get going again. If any great entrepreneur got bitter and never ventured again, they would never had seen the immense success they enjoyed. Their products would never have changed the world as we know it.

So, know that you are not the only one to fall, know that countless others have failed. But their perseverance kept them going and they succeeded. That should comfort you and keep you going. Their lessons should keep you going strong!

Stay positive and stay in the game. Learn from mistakes, doesn’t matter if they are yours or others. Be open to all feedback and turn setbacks into success.


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