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Use Social Media for Selling.


Use Social Media for Selling.


With the advent of social media, the modes of customer engagement in business have undergone a drastic change. Gone are the days when having a pretty website was all that a small business would need in terms of having an online presence and increasing their customer base.

For today’s eCommerce businesses, there is a growing need for a competent online presence to attract and engage potential customers on social media networks. With a significant number of consumers present on social networks, it is crucial for businesses to leverage the power of social media for brand engagement and selling. You need to be where the customers are already talking about brands and products that interest them.


FACT: Social Media Influences Purchase Decisions.


The buying process is no longer driven solely by the customer’s desire to find something. Rather, it is now based on a mix of intent and discovery.


Here are 4 easy ways to start using social media for selling:


1. Find your core customers and match your social strategy to them

Who are your core customers and what are they looking for? The answer to this question will help you design your social strategy and choose the right social networks for each group of targeted customers. When you get an idea about which social media platform matches with your customer preferences, then devise your social strategy accordingly. Start listening to customer problems relevant to your industry, find fixes, and share meaningful advice to attract and engage customers and keep them for life.


2. Create engaging content

No social strategy can succeed without engaging content – something that delivers value to the customer and gives them insight into the solutions to their problems. Create eye-popping (and thought provoking) content that has an immediate impact on prospective customers. An effective content strategy includes the right posting schedule. This ensures that the right content reaches the right audience at the right time. Here are the best times to post on social media.

The idea is to engage with your target audience and become acquainted with their likes, dislikes, and expectations. Overdoing will be equally damaging to your objective. So the key lies with understanding customers and capturing their attention with the right content shared at the right time.

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3. Build your network

When it comes to using social media for selling, you ought to have a strong presence in at least a few different social networks so you can build your network. It may help to set short-term goals, such as for each day, week, and month. This way you can continue to engage with your audience and build your own network. Do your own homework to find prospective customers that are talking about your industry. Are they looking for solutions or products that you have? Can you offer them the best solutions?

Start participating in such discussions and respond to their questions. By contributing your suggestions to such conversations, it would be easier for you to build your own network.


4. Link those engagements to your business

The prime focus of your social media strategy is to attract prospects and sell. The above three steps would not be of any use if you cannot register a bump in sales. Call to action is a strategy employed by businesses to provoke an immediate response from customers and non-customers alike. Remember, when you are using social media for selling, relationships hold more importance than leads. Listen to the conversations of your potential customers and offer them exactly what they are looking for at that moment by creating meaningful content and linking it to your business, products or services. Raise their awareness and establish your position as an authority in your industry. When prospects start to trust you as a leader in your industry, they will be more willing to engage and do business with you.

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Bottom Line

Using social media for selling is a great selling strategy that cannot be denied. You must get in there and position yourself to get continued engagement so that customers come to you for information. That will eventually lead to more sales for you.


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