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3 Quick Tips: 3 SEO Tips for your eCommerce Store.


3 Quick Tips: 3 SEO Tips for your eCommerce Store


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the lifeblood of every eCommerce Store. With search playing a very important role in finding products and stores that interest people, you cannot ignore SEO. Search engines are always changing the rules, but one thing they will never change is relevant content. You need to setup your eCommerce website the correct way allowing search engines to index and find out what you sell and how it benefits your customers in order to get the most benefit out of SEO.


1. Provide an A+ Online Store Experience

First of all, when a site visitor lands on your home page, make sure that your site is appealing and easy to read. Make sure that your online store is laid out well and has good sized images that accurately represent your products. You need to have multiple images of your products with the added ability to zoom into the image for a closer look. Product descriptions, sizes, quantities, discounts, deals, and shipping rates should all be well placed and clearly visible. It is extremely important for your eCommerce store to load fast and be able to serve up pages almost instantly. Did you know that you can Decrease Your eCommerce Store’s Load Time and Increase Sales? There should be multiple ways for site visitors and customers alike to contact you. At they very least, try to have email as well as live chat for some hours if 24 hours is not possible. Your email turn around time must not be more than 4 to 6 hours.

Give consumers an A+ website experience and it will automatically turn into an A+ shopping experience and before you know it you will be getting high conversion rate and higher sales.


2. Create and Promote Good Content

Create and promote content related to your industry and to the products that you sell. Try to do some cross selling as well as up selling in your content. That will add a little variety to your content and will bring in interest from a larger base of readers. Also, try to use video content as well as social media as it is a great way to create engagement and boost interactivity with your audience. Simple unboxing videos are very popular on YouTube. It interests consumers to see what they would get in the whole package. To learn exactly how to upsell, read my blog post Increase Revenue and Improve Customer Experience With Upselling and Cross-Selling.


3. Build Quality Links

Share you content on other forums and blogs that overlap with your industry or niche market. If others are interested in your content, they will follow your backlinks to your blog and eCommerce site. You could also request someone popular in your industry to write a guest post on your blog about your products or store. They could place the post on their blog or website and their followers could follow your backlinks back to your eCommerce store. Or simply go through your customer list and find a customer who has bought many items from you and ask them to write a post about their experience with your products and store. They could post that in their social media network for their followers. The interest, quality backlinks, and traffic will boost your website rank and also sales.

SEO is changing all the time, but good content, quality backlinks and connections will always be going strong.


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