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5 Best Tips for a Successful Social Media Campaign.


5 Best Tips for a Successful Social Media Campaign.


Social Media has evolved into an invaluable tool for marketing your business. It’s low cost and rapid reach potential has everyone talking about it.


Here are the 5 best tips for a successful social media campaign for your business.


1. Understand the Different Types of Social Media Networks.

Not all social media networks are for all types of businesses. For example, LinkedIn is for professional networking. It’s more for B2B. If you are selling your products or services to other businesses, then it may be the best platform for you. Many Human Resources and Hiring firms use it to find and match employees with businesses.

Facebook is for family and friends sharing life events. It is also a good place for social selling of B2C type of products. It’s a great place to have your customers share their purchases of your products. Facebook Advertising can have a significant impact for many types of businesses.

Twitter enables short messaging and promoting your products to a large audience but in small chunks. It’s a great way to send out bits and pieces of information to your followers. It is also possible to use Twitter for Customer Service as it uses quick short messages.

Instagram is more for photo sharing and not many businesses find it cost effective although some have had tremendous success on it. It has more of a hip and young crowd.

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2. Choose the Social Media Network that Best Fits Your Business Type.

Whatever social media network you choose, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort, think social investment, in order to get the right followers and audience. You must make sure you choose the network that fits your business type. You don’t want to be selling Hawaiian flip flops to professionals on LinkedIn but definitely could be selling Financial Services on there.

Another bad idea is to set up accounts on all of them and then not be able to really get involved with any one of them. Don’t spread yourself too thin! You will not be able to manage them all. They all have different types of users with different levels of involvement and trying to manage them all without really knowing them al is a recipe for disaster and may waste a lot of time that could be used for social selling instead.

For a broad category of businesses, Facebook and Twitter seems to work well. They can be inter-connected so that whatever you post on Facebook can also be shared with relative ease on Twitter. The main objective is to have your social content bring followers to your eCommerce store or website. These two networks can do that very effectively.


3. Keep a Tight Leash on Your Social Advertising Budget.

Social media accounts are free but advertising on them is not! Advertising on social media can get very expensive unless you keep a very close eye on ad spend. Make sure that you set daily and monthly budget limits in your social media advertising accounts.

Facebook and Twitter allow paid ads and allow you to Boost your Posts as well. Boosting a post allows more people to see it. The more people see your post, the more likely they are to Like your page and/or comment and create some sort of engagement. Just keep your budget in mind and stick to it.

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4. Grow your Social Community

Social media lets you send your message to the entire world. It helps you advertise and sell your product. But the most important thing is engagement. You want to engage your followers and listen to what they are saying. The following that you can create and the engagement that you can grow on social media networks is priceless. By engaging with your customers, you are helping your business get good exposure with your customers’ friends and followers too. You brand awareness grows on social media.

Even if you have negative reviews from a customer, you can always learn the interaction and fix problems and maybe even gain some support for how you handled the negative situation. The attention you give to all your customers inevitably helps you grow your business.


5. You Must Keep Up with New Technology and Trends.

As technology advances, it touches all aspects of our lives. It makes communications easier and faster. It helps create a community over social media where it’s all (mostly) online communication without seeing anyone face to face. You need to be in sync with what changes in the online world and in social media at all times. New social media networks could pop up at any time and it’ always a safe bet to find out how they work and what potential they could have for your business. Changes may make or break your engagement patterns online. So, be informed and keep up!

Try different methods of engagement. Examine and do A and B testing to find out which of your social media strategies are working better. For example, a simple tweet about a new product may not get as many notices as a video of someone using your product. So, adjust accordingly and feature more videos if that works better.

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Bottom Line

A good presence on social media helps make your business (and products) more popular and visible. Popularity leads to engagement and that in turn leads to more customers and sales. Being active on social media is a great marketing tactic and has pretty much become an essential part of advertising and marketing your business.


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