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Don't Miss These Holiday Shopping Trends!


Don’t Miss These Holiday Shopping Trends!


According to the 30th annual Deloitte survey of spending trends for the holidays, consumers these days are more inclined to shopping for themselves instead of others. In other words, they rather buy their own gifts.


You can read more about the Deloitte Survey here, but below are the key points from their survey.


Help customers shop for themselves and their friends.

Consumers will be spending about 12% more this year compared to last year. They will spend a total of $1440 across all product categories, but $976 of that will be spent on buying gifts for themselves. Half of shoppers also said that they will shop for themselves while shopping for others but they will not be buying more gifts than last year..

So, in order to capitalize on this data, online retailers should try to promote deals that will help shoppers buy gifts for themselves as well as others. Combos or 2 for 1 deals would work great. Also Free Shipping if the checkout amount is over a certain dollar amount. If your eCommerce software can handle it, you could offer shipping of products to different addresses making it easier and faster for shoppers to shop for themselves and others.


Make sure your online store can handle the spike in holiday traffic.

80% of shoppers will do extensive comparative research online before buying anything. We all do it. We want to know a little more about the product, we want to read customer reviews and we want to find the lowest price. Shoppers will be searching and comparing products on various online stores. Make sure your search feature can handle all that shoppers throw at it.

More than half of shoppers feel they need to touch and feel the product before buying it. These shoppers will go into stores to check the product and then go online to find the best deal. Those who shop in brick and mortar stores and also on mobile will spend about 75% more than those who shop exclusively in stores.


Get your best customers on board.

75% of shoppers will come back to you. They will shop where they had shopped before. They received good service and liked the product so they will be back for more. However, 73% of shoppers also said that they would be willing to try a new store (online or brick and mortar). So, you must make sure that you maintain or exceed customer expectations. That will ensure that when your customers come back to you, they find that you still sell good products and provide excellent customer service. Make sure you have Excellent Customer Service for the Holidays.

Look through your email distribution lists to find customers that keep shopping with you and email discount coupons or related offers for new products. Keep your store in their minds so that they come back to your store and not your competitors’. Here are the 3 Best Email Messages to Send Before Christmas.


Black Friday could be a Hit and a Miss!

This was indeed a surprise. More than 50% of shoppers said that they don’t really care about Black Friday sales. I guess they could be the ones that shop later or that wait for after Christmas clearance sales. 44% did say that they would wait until December or later to shop.

So, you may not want to put all your effort into your Black Friday sales as it may or may not be a hit. Compare your sales figures from previous years to know for sure how your sales were for the different holidays and then either bank on one specific holiday or spread out sales and promotions throughout the holiday season.


Free Shipping is always a Favorite.

Almost 75% of shoppers said that they would be looking out for free shipping offers. If you don’t already offer free shipping, you really should think about it. It’s one of the main reasons why shoppers abandon carts and shop at other online stores that do offer free shipping. You could also offer free shipping after a certain cart amount.

55% said they favor stores that have an easy returns policy and also those that allow price matching. You must Get Ready for Holiday Returns and Exchanges before the holiday season creeps up on you. Starting early is the best way to minimize problems with returns and exchanges.


Bottom Line

Make it easy for your shoppers to shop with you and keep in constant contact with them through email or social media so that they don’t forget you. Keep yourself aware of holiday shopping trends and use that to email offers and information about new products to keep your customers interested. Also make sure your eCommerce store can handle spikes in traffic and does not slow down. A slow site will make your customers go to your competitors’ faster sites.



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