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Retailers Plan to Start Promotions Earlier for Holidays 2015


Retailers Plan to Start Promotions Earlier for Holidays 2015


A recent survey by of more than 200 U.S. and U.K. retailers found that most retailers plan to start promoting sales earlier this holiday season. Each year, holiday sales promotions have started earlier than the past year. This year will be no exception.

  • 59% said they plan to start as early as September.
  • 24% said they will offer more promotions than last year.


Most retailers get their highest sales during the holiday season. Therefore, they plan for it all year long.

  • 74% of retailers said 20% of their annual sales revenue comes from holiday sales.
  • 43% of retailers said up to 29% of their annual sales revenue comes from holiday sales.


When asked which online marketplace did best for their online sales, 50% of U.S. Respondents said Amazon was the best.

  • 23% of U.S. respondents said their own websites were doing well for them.
  • Only 5% of U.S. respondents said eBay did well for them.
  • Google Shopping was even lower at 4%
  • 7% depended on Paid Search

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Which was the Most Profitable Shopping Day for Retailers?

  • 41% of U.S. retailers said that Black Friday was the most profitable day for their business.
  • 26 % said Cyber Monday
  • 14% said Free Shipping Day

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Sales Will Increase but Retailers Struggle with Order Fulfillment

Most retailers said that they are expecting sales to increase this holiday season. But many said that Order Fulfillment is the largest challenge for them during the holiday season. As a result of that, 31% said that they will not offer guaranteed on time delivery for Christmas after December 20th.

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