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How to Get In and Succeed in Omnichannel eCommerce.


How to Get In and Succeed in Omnichannel eCommerce


Survival in the online marketplace can be challenging for a business unless it earns a great reputation for providing the best customer experience. After all, the consumer is king and the success of a business depends on how popular it is with customers. Statistics reveal that compared to brick-and-mortar customers, omnichannel eCommerce consumers:

  • are more informed and access more than 10 sources of information to decide what to purchase and from where and when
  • spend more and are more profitable
  • are more engaged and use all sorts of digital devices


Get Ahead of the Curve

Today, consumer experience is no longer limited to physical location. Big retailers, such as Amazon, have gone a step ahead to offer a better experience to customers through omnichannel eCommerce, that is, giving shoppers more than one channel for shopping.

Unfortunately, a Retail Insight industry benchmark study finds that 30-40% of businesses are not equipped with omnichannel capabilities, with 18% of companies having mobile capabilities and 11% for cross-channel fulfillment.

However, rising consumer expectations have forced retailers and suppliers to take steps to expand their capabilities to offer a better experience to customers, with 75% experiencing rising demand for rapid fulfillment.


With increasing pressure to meet rising customer expectations, what can a merchant do?

The best way forward is to go omnichannel. Smart consumers of today demand real, prompt, and efficient yet affordable services. Some consumers have started to want the convenience of shopping on their smartphones while having the ability to see and touch products before making a purchase. They do not want to pay high shipping costs but expect to enjoy the option of making convenient returns. Today’s consumers want better deals in every way, and ominchannel eCommerce offers hope for merchants and retailers to:

  • better engage with customers
  • drive sales through exciting deals, targeted promotions, loyalty/rewards programs, flash sales and apps-based product offerings


IDC statistics reveal that 78 million consumers are expected to choose omnichannel for shopping. Search engine recommendations are more likely to influence their purchase decisions than word of mouth or recommendations.

An increasing number of merchants realize the rising importance of omnichannel eCommerce in today’s marketplace, and have started making efforts to expand online and are choosing suppliers that can ship directly to consumers. As a result, they do not have to worry about keeping inventory and storage houses. Third-party fulfillment services (3PL) are available to receive and store your inventory,and also offer pick, pack, and ship orders on their behalf.

Sales are bound to increase when suppliers make extra efforts to offer a better customer experience. Such efforts may include expanding their product base. Also, providing robust product details and additional information, such as product reviews, videos, photos, shipping & tracking details, and warranty information and shipping details will keep sales going.

The widespread popularity of cloud computing has enabled a change in the way merchants connect. Suppliers, retailers, merchants, and 3PLs leverage network-based supply chains to connect and integrate operations via the cloud. Network connectivity also enables them to make the most of real-time triggers that influence purchase decisions, such as a recent hit movie, heat wave, or trending products on Pinterest.

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Supply Them With Accurate Product Data

You can no longer buy consumers through a sub-par experience or a mere storefront. Consumers want accurate (and complete) product details before making a purchase decision. It is critically important to provide them with accurate information to convert and retain them or else see them switch over to the competitor’s brick and mortar store or another online store.


Flexible Returns Policy

Enable consumers to return unwanted merchandise within a specific timeline and you can win them over for life. Forward-thinking merchants and suppliers slap on a pre-printed label on the products ready for shipping to facilitate returns.

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Bottom Line

Omnichannel ecommerce is laying the platform for retailers and merchants to offer consumers a better shopping experience. Merchants who have already joined the omnichannel bandwagon are getting an edge over the competition. Give the consumer what he wants because He is King!



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