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Customer Reviews Can Increase eCommerce Sales


Customer Reviews Can Increase eCommerce Sales


Customer reviews on eCommerce sites can win online retailers more business. In fact, reviews help consumers choose right products while helping businesses increase eCommerce sales. It’s a win-win situation!

A lack of customer reviews on an online store creates an impression on shoppers that:
The business isn’t confident to allow reviews on its website, or the business has mostly negative reviews. If an online store doesn’t have much sales to receive reviews, maybe their products aren’t that great.

On the other hand, an abundance of positive reviews, with little-to-no negative reviews, may raise doubts in the minds of the audience regarding their veracity. People may wonder if the merchant is purposefully moderating reviews and disapproving negative ones.

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Reviews give customers an idea about a specific product and whether they should go ahead with the purchase. Every online store needs reviews to answer questions that are either willfully ignored or missed in promotional videos, product descriptions, and features lists.

When you ask for reviews, encourage customers to write in-depth reviews to instill confidence in future buyers that they are real. Tell your reviewers to tell it like it is so that you can use good and bad reviews to improve your product or service.

Also, always respond to reviews. Thank your customers for positive reviews or tell your side of the story for negative reviews. Such reviews help instill confidence in customers and automatically answer the most asked about questions about your product and your customer service.


Extended Reviews Help Convert Browsers into Buyers.

Seasoned shoppers are more interested in getting a detailed picture of a product, rather than just looking at the star rating. It is here that detailed reviews paint a better picture than the stars that a product receives from customers.

Many online retailers rely on customer reviews to increase eCommerce sales. Tea retailer Adagio focuses on getting customer feedback so much so that reviews are a part of the overall product description, and consumers like to spend time reading those reviews before going ahead with the purchase. The best thing about Adagio reviews is that shoppers give tips on adding flavors and much more, which help convert browsers into shoppers.


How do I Convince my Customers to Review my Products?

You can convince customers to review their purchased items by reaching out to them through reminders and follow-up emails. You could also convince them to take time to submit their review by offering points or bonuses, but some think that amounts to paying for a review. There is a gray area when rewarding your customers for their reviews so think about it hard before you do that. An outright discount for a review would not be good, but a discount for a referral through one of their reviews shared on your Facebook Page may be okay.

When asking for customer reviews, make it an easy process for them to submit their experience with using your product. You may want to include a simple form that requires customers to fill out all that is necessary, including:

  • A Headline for the Review
  • Number of Stars
  • First Name, initials, Zip Code
  • Content for the Review
  • Shipping and/or Delivery Review


Allow customers to upload photos or video of them using their products if your system supports attaching media. Or you may like to try third-party services that can seamlessly integrate into your existing eCommerce site if your shopping cart does not support media.

It is important that you export customer reviews along with the shopping cart if you ever plan to change carts. Make sure the new shopping cart allows for importing reviews. If it does not, you can always opt for a hosted reviews service. They are your reviews and it takes time to get more reviews, so you don’t want to leave them behind.


Boosting Customer Trust in the Review Process

No customer would like to purchase from you if they do not find the reviews to be honest or real. In order to instill customer trust, make sure you approve negative reviews written respectfully. Surprisingly, sometimes negative reviews can also help promote sale of products, because some may be in the form of criticism of the product for not including specific features that are not critical to every customer. Sometimes, some problems pointed out by a user may be viewed as error on the customer’s part, instead of product failure. An explanation from you regarding the error is all that is needed to kind of make that a good review for some customers.

Some customers may post questions while giving their feedback on a specific item bought from you. It would surely help to respond to those questions if you wish to increase sales as this would show potential customers that you care and respond to customer reviews appropriately while carrying out business operations with integrity.

According to Amazon, merchants that respond to legitimate complaints and take steps to address them fare much better than those who ignore reviews or customer comments.
Some customers may not be happy to find no mention of color, size, dimensions, or battery life of a product and thus leave reviews asking for these specifications in product descriptions. That means reviews not only help you improve your product to increase eCommerce sales, but also help cut down on returns and help you fix your returns and exchange process.

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Bottom Line

Customer reviews are a crucial part of your marketing strategy and offer value to prospective customers. They help generate trust in the audience and convert browsers into buyers.



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