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Pack FedEx Small Package Shipments Like a Pro


Pack FedEx Small Package Shipments Like a Pro


Getting a shipment safely to its destination and on time is the sign of a successful retailer and fulfillment business.

You can use the following tips to pack your FedEx small package shipments to make sure there are no delays because of Packing.


When it comes to selecting a box for your shipment, it should match the size and weight of the items being shipped. You do not want to invest in a big box that leaves too much space. It could cost you more in terms of shipping charges, especially if the shipment is subject to dimensional weight pricing. Besides raising the cost, it could threaten the safety of the product.

Choose double-walled boxes for heavier items. You might want to choose thick corrugated boxes to ship bulky items.

When reusing a box, make sure there are no old labels, tears, holes, or dents.



It is important to choose dense cushioning so that items do not shift. Make sure that any protruding/sharp edges on the product are wrapped before it is shipped to its destination. It is a good idea to secure any loose items. You might want to bind together all printed material to prevent any damages to the product or packaging.



The label should be placed and secured firmly on the package’s largest surface. If you are using a pouch, do not forget to remove the peel-off strip. You may also want to firmly seal the flap.

It is a good idea to label your small package shipment with a tie-on tag, especially for containers with handles, travel cases, and luggage.

Use labels with extra adhesives for metal, plastic, and wood containers. You may want to place a copy of the label inside before packaging to ensure the product is delivered to its destination even if the outer label comes off.



Once the box is properly packed, it is a good decision to use the H taping method to apply three strips of 2” wide packing tape across top and bottom and all flaps and seams. However, make sure you avoid taping the FedEx label.


New FedEx Package Lab

Recently, FedEx opened a 30,000-square feet package lab to test and design packages for different products that customers may ship, including glass objects , perishables, and electronics, among other items requiring special attention.

The industry-leading facility is designed with advanced environmental controls and uses cutting-edge technology and testing protocols to test their strength and effectiveness.

Temperature controls are critical to maintaining temperature and humidity in the preconditioning room.

The FedEx Package Lab’s features include:

  • Humidity chamber
  • Temperature chamber
  • Altitude chamber
  • Three vibration tables
  • Two drop testers
  • Automated sample table
  • Compression table
  • Material testing lab
  • Crane and forklift course to test skidded freight
  • Wood shop


If you have odd shaped products or products that require special attention, you can submit a sample of your FedEx small package(PDF) shipments for different performance tests to take advantage of the cutting-edge facility. You will need to request package design assistance by submitting the FedEx Packaging Design Application(PDF). The new package laboratory is versatile enough to meet the needs of customers from different industry verticals with shipments of different shapes and sizes.


Bottom Line

Packaging plays a vital role in getting your product to your customer in one piece. Efficient packaging practices will ensure that your shipping costs are kept to a minimum.

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