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Turn a New Customer into a Lifetime Buyer


Turn a New Customer into a Lifetime Buyer

Today, an increasing number of businesses are jumping on the eCommerce bandwagon to expand reach and attract a wider audience. However, the story doesn’t end at attracting customers. It goes beyond that to gain repeat business. You can get customers for life by offering ultimate customer service the first time and every time a customer interacts with your business.

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Here are a few tips to help you turn a new customer into a lifetime buyer.



Be Good, Do Good

If you are good to a new customer, they are almost certain to come back for more(or to buy more). Human Behavior is instrumental in influencing relationships. With good behavior, you can win over even an irate customer, changing a negative experience into a positive one. True, mistakes are inevitable, but that does not mean you should disown them. Own them and make a difference!

Accept responsibility for any unfavorable experience and immediately apologize to show customers that they matter. This will create a positive impression on them and make them feel special. Try to make up for the error by offering a refund or discount on the next purchase. Remember, discounts and offers are too lucrative for customers to resist! They can undoubtedly help you get repeat business.


Improve Customer Service

No customer has spare time to spend hours on establishing contact with your customer service. Customers hate being made to wait in line and redirected multiple times or put on hold for a longer duration. They don’t want to talk to a machine, they want a live person!

Minimize the time and effort it takes for them to get in touch with a customer help desk staff and the right department. The worst experience for a customer is being forced to listen to complicated automated directories and recordings. Make sure your customer service personnel are knowledgeable professionals in your industry (or niche) and know how to answer any question. It is important that your company website has all the contact details a customer may look for, such as contact number, email address, office address, and social media pages.

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Make Interactions Human

Customer engagement is all about pleasant human interactions, unlike the past when a corporate and overly formal tone was used to interact with customers. Customers today view such interactions as cold-hearted and would think twice before coming back. Make sure all of your interactions with customers are friendly and positive, including through phone calls, emails, and social media engagement. Humanizing customer interaction is the key to eliminating the irritation a repeat customer might experience when reaching out to your business.

Learn from previous interactions and improvise to build long-term relationships. Leverage technology to facilitate repeat purchases for customers.


Take Pride in Your Brand

With an honest brand, which is consistent with your mission statement, you can create customer loyalty and get repeat business. Make customer satisfaction the tagline of your brand and train employees to make each customer feel special. If a company enjoys a good brand reputation, it is more than inviting for customers to do business with it.


What Next?

Does your existing customer service process need improvement? Create an internal audit process or hire a professional third party to assess your customer service program and suggest improvements.

How do customers and employees view your company’s brand? Survey customers and employees to implement a brand review and gauge their opinion on your brand. You can use the results to improvise and steer your overall brand messaging for both.


Bottom Line

Customer service experience has a deep impact on a business. Incorporate these tips into your customer service programs to position yourself among those enterprises that focus on customer satisfaction and get repeat business and lifetime customers in return.


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