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Make Your eCommerce Store Super Successful


Make Your eCommerce Store Super Successful!

This is a golden period for eCommerce, and it is expected to continue for a long time to come. eCommerce Sales are Booming all over the world and it’s the right time to get in Now! As an entrepreneur, it is time to grab the opportunity to succeed and grow in the online marketplace and give your competitors some tough competition.

Statistics reveal that overall retail eCommerce sales in the US rose from $263.3 billion from 2013 to $304.1 billion in 2014, and the same trend is expected to continue in 2015. As an eCommerce business, this is the right time to harness technology to your benefit. Financial analysts and industry experts have also painted a rosy picture for the eCommerce economy for the coming three years.


Here are a few tips for Super Success in eCommerce


Don’t Rush It!

The primary reason for the failure of most businesses in the online world is the sudden jump on the eCommerce bandwagon, without prior planning and preparation. Avoid rushing and wait until you are fully prepared for the launch of your website with content marketing, SEO, search engine marketing, and paid advertising.

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Focus on the End User

Your prime purpose for transitioning to the online world is to attract a wider audience. So make sure all of your strategies and policies are targeted to the end user. You can get an edge over the competition by offering appropriate pricing, free (or discounted) shipping, simplified shopping carts, and easy payment and checkout processes.

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Don’t Ignore Social Media

Social networking sites are a goldmine of sales opportunity for eCommerce stores. If you ignore prospective customers on social media, you risk losing out to the competition. Keep a close eye on your social media pages and keep your audience engaged. Also keep a close eye on your competitors’ social media pages to see what they are doing differently. Incorporate social elements on your blog and eCommerce store to fuel your conversion funnel.


Go Mobile

The proliferation of mobile technology has ensured that a majority of your target audience accesses the internet on their smartphones. If your website is not mobile responsive, you risk failure in the internet marketplace. Moreover, Google’s latest Search Algorithm update ensures that their Mobile search engine will focus on mobile-friendly websites.


Focus on Content & SEO

As the eCommerce market expands, your focus should be on improving your presence on the Internet by providing valuable, informative, and engaging content to your audience. Establish yourself as an expert in the industry through interactive, information-rich, and optimized content on your blog. In order to stay on top of your competition, you cannot ignore SEO, which will boost your ranking in the search engines and ensure you remain competitive in the online marketplace.

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Collect Customer Information

It’s important to expand your database with customer information to help your future launches. You can use customer contact details, such as email addresses, for your email marketing campaigns. Find out what their social media names are and try to connect the dots to get even more information about their areas of interest from their Likes or Follows.

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Outsource Order Fulfillment to a 3PL Company

In order to reap benefits from outsourced order fulfillment right from the start of your business, you should outsource order fulfillment. You can get cheaper shipping rate, cheaper shipping supplies, as well as save on inventory storage space and personnel costs. Try Xipix Logistix FREE Order Fulfillment Trial.

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Continue Evolving

Customer tastes, technology, and trends never remain the same. With the ever-changing trends and fickle customer preferences, it is imperative for you to continue evolving to succeed in a variable marketplace. So keep testing, analyzing, improving, and evolving to keep your eCommerce store ahead of the competition.


Bottom Line

Making your eCommerce store super successful depends on many factors. You have to research your market, get prepared and make sure that all factors are thought out and don’t leave anything to chance. Do not believe that if you build it they will come!


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