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6 Ways to Drive Traffic to your eCommerce Store


When you decide to start selling online, your main goal is to attract traffic to your eCommerce store that brings good returns. But with an overwhelming number of competitors in the internet marketplace, how can you drive traffic and increase eCommerce sales?

Online advertising can help you boost traffic to your store when you urgently need to build your customer base online and reinforce your brand. Fortunately, there are many other ways to lead traffic to your virtual doors when you are looking for a long-term strategy.


Here are 6 Ways to Drive Traffic to your eCommerce Store


1. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay Per Click(PPC) Advertising PPC has been there for a long time. It primarily refers to text-only ads that appear at the top of Google(or Bing) search results. PPC Ads allow you to describe the unique benefits of your brand. The text ads are best to highlight broad categories of similar products with an average profit margin. They are meant to attract the viewers interest and make them click your ad to end up on your landing page where they would buy your product or subscribe to your service.

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2. Comparison Shopping Engines

Amazon product ads, Google shopping, and Bing shopping are some of the comparison shopping engines that can be used to attract customers to your eCommerce store. These popular product ads are based upon a feed uploaded from your online platform to the shopping engine. Any change in a product’s details, such as price or availability, would immediately show up in the shopping feed results. Additionally, these ads will display images of products in your store, giving shoppers a clear picture of the products(and details) available in your store. This has the potential to increase your conversion rate while discouraging unwanted clicks.


3. Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads appear on many different websites that use online advertising as a form of income. Remarketing or Retargeting Advertising is used to target customers that have already visited your store once, and have a higher chance of coming back in the future. It will help to use different messages for targeting visitors that only perused your ecommerce store, added items to the shopping cart but didn’t make a purchase, or bought something but you see them having greater potential to make bigger purchases in the future. Use remarketing ads to drive traffic to your eCommerce store and reinforce your brand.

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4. Search Engine Optimization

SEO involves dozens of techniques and tactics to optimize a website. Today, the focus has shifted to creating unique, relevant, and optimized content for all categories and product pages. Using the manufacturer-provided product details will not help your SEO efforts; rather, writing detailed relevant and interesting descriptions for each product will help you get an edge over the competition and stand out in search engines.


5. Social Media

Social networks are widely popular today, with an increasing number of internet users turning to social media to make friends, look for like-minded individuals, and share their ideas and views about brands, products and services. You can use social networks to demonstrate yourself as an expert in your industry. This will help you create a loyal friend/fan following. It will help create a community about your niche and share advice, suggestions, and receive customer feedback. Your prime goal is to stay on top of your potential customers’ mind and draw traffic to your eCommerce store or online business.


6. Email

Of course, social media is everywhere, but you cannot overlook email marketing. Rather, you can use it for incentivizing website visitors through the use of attractive offers, such as coupons, discounts, promotions, and content relevant to your niche or industry to keep them coming back for more.


Bottom Line

When running an eCommerce business, you must use technology to your benefit to attract traffic to your eCommerce store and give site visitors and customers what they are looking for.


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