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April 21st 2015 is Mobilegeddon - Google Drops a (Good) Bomb for eCommerce Stores


Google’s Mobile Update is Great for eCommerce Stores that are Mobile Responsive!


Starting April 21st 2015, you may have seen a dramatic impact on your eCommerce store’s mobile search ranking. Your mobile ranking may have been affected badly if you did not take proper measures, before April 21st 2015, to be more mobile friendly. You can thank(or not) Google’s mobile update for that.

This Google update is all set to dramatically change the way your website ranks in Google’s Mobile Search Engine Results. Now you must be wondering what prompted Google to issue this update? Well, Google’s action is influenced by the ever increasing smartphone craze, which is only rising by the day. With the proliferation of mobile phones and on the account of almost half of all Google search coming from Mobile, it was just a matter of time that Google took these steps.

Google has thus chosen to focus on the mobile audience. This means your website’s mobile friendliness will now become a critical factor in deciding your Search Engine Results Placement(SERP) and ranking in mobile search. Google had set an April 21st 2015 deadline to make websites mobile-ready and responsive in order to maintain their Mobile SERP and ranking. Non-mobile friendly websites or sites that choose to remain complacent about Google’s mobile update face a risk of demotion in mobile search ranking. That means if you want to get an edge over the competition, it’s time to take action now and get a leg up on your non-mobile competitors. It is still not too late!

Google’s update is more about delivering a better browsing experience for site visitors. Google’s has started to would push non-mobile responsive results further down. Google has already informed webmasters that the algorithm change will significantly impact mobile search results and websites that don’t take this update seriously run a big risk of losing out to the competition.

Statistics reveal that approximately 50% of total Google searches are from mobile devices and the latest algorithm change will have a “significant” impact on search rankings compared to the dreaded Panda and Penguin updates.


Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

This latest algorithm update seems scary for eCommerce stores, but there are ways to deal with “Mobilegeddon”. Yes, that’s what everyone is calling it now! Mobilegeddon!

  • Use the Google mobile-friendly test tool to see how your site stacks up for every single page. A website with serious issues will get detailed feedback direct from Google to fix the errors.
  • You can also log into your Google Analytics account to determine how Google’s mobile update will impact your site. If you navigate over to Mobile on the report and filter by organic traffic, you will see a specific number of visitors. It is this number that you risk losing after the algorithm change if your website is not mobile-ready.


Bottom Line

You had 2 months, if you did not get it done, then you need to get it done now. It only affects Smartphones (for now?) and will not affect tablets and desktop search. But mobile search makes up about half of all Google searches. So it will surely help if you revamp your website and make it mobile friendly. It will help you crush your non-mobile ready competition and get the SEO odds in your favor!


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