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Customized Branded Packaging


Have you ever tried to focus on a Branded Packaging Experience as an eCommerce business?


Well, if you haven’t thought about it yet, it’s time you focused on delivering a memorable brand experience for customers and using it to the benefit of your business. Your shipped package is the first direct connection between you and your customers. Kind of like a First Impression! It’s crucial to leave a lasting impression on customers through a branded package that they would love to share with their friends and family.


What is Branded Packaging Experience?

Marketing is critical to the success and growth of any business. Packaging is increasingly becoming an important part of marketing. eCommerce businesses now focus on carefully selecting packaging and shipping supplies to deliver a brand packaging experience that wows and impresses customers while providing additional value for your business. The deliberate packaging and presentation of your products creates a memorable and shareable experience while setting you apart from the competition.

Customized Packaging Boxes

Customized Packaging Boxes used by

Focusing on delivering a memorable customer experience, eCommerce company Trunk Club has chosen to customize packaging boxes. Their custom packaging boxes come with a handle, resembling a trunk, with the prints matching and highlighting the brand. These packaging boxes have given Trunk Club an edge and set them apart from the competition, closely matching and accentuating their brand.

The company also focuses on careful presentation inside the trunk to further enhance the custom branded experience. All custom trunk packages include a handwritten note about the specific product from a personal stylist. While the branded packaging impresses customers, the contents within the package make them feel special, excited, and delighted. These are great feelings and experience that they will share with their family and friends about the product they purchased.


Why is a Branded Packaging Experience Important?

Repeat customers are crucial to the success of a business. It is therefore important that you take steps to retain existing customers by delivering an unmatched experience every time, so that they don’t ever entertain a thought of going to your competitor.

A survey from Dotcom Distribution found that premium packaging has a big effect on customers, with 52 percent likely to return to an online merchant that delivers premium packaging. A unique package always makes customers feel special, encouraging them to share their experience with others. With the widespread popularity of social networks, it is no wonder that customers instantly share their experience on social media. The act of social recommendations promotes brand awareness while driving loyalty from existing customers, according to Dotcom Distribution CEO Maria Haggerty.


Custom Branded Packaging


What Goes into a Custom Branded Packaging Experience?

A well-designed custom branded package is one that delivers the maximum value for your brand and a better and memorable experience for your customers. Here are some ideas:

  • Box – The shipping box is the first thing to consider when it comes to packaging your product. Gone are the days of white and brown corrugated packaging options. Today, the focus has shifted to spectacular prints, creating a wow experience for customers.
  • Tissue Paper – Custom printed tissue papers are all the rage now. Using a colored or custom printed tissue paper to wrap your products adds a level of protection as well as excitement for the unpackaging experience.
  • Filler – The popping bubble wrap continues to be the best protection for most products. But since it lacks visual appeal, you might want to consider excelsior or crinkle paper to deliver a memorable experience for customers.
  • Sticker – Use a branded sticker to seal the tissue paper. Or you can use a sticker as a substitute for custom printing on the packaging box, which is an expensive alternative to the former.
  • Business Card – Today, a business card has assumed the role of a Promotional Material. Businesses use a business card to add small branded promotional/discount offers to the package. You can use the card to offer a discount on the next order or offer an additional discount card that they can gift to a loved one.
  • Custom Note – Include a handwritten note to personalize the experience and add a personal touch that makes customers realize that they are doing business with real people.
  • Gift – Of course, everyone loves a gift. Your customers are no exception. A small gift can delight them, increase their overall experience, and get them talking about you. GameKlip includes in each packaging order a free gift in the form of Smarties and Rocket candies. This surely gets customers excited while adding to the branded unboxing experience.
  • Tape – Choose a colored tape that matches your packaging and brand colors and creates the impression that you have put in extra effort to enhance your customers’ experience.


Bottom Line

It is not enough to just package your products in a brown shipping box and hope that your customers will come back. It is time to get creative and give your customers a branded packaging experience in order to keep them coming back. It does cost a little more, but the returns can be worth the extra!
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