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Web Personalization Can Increase Repeat Customers and Brand Loyalty


Web Personalization Can Increase Repeat Customers and Brand Loyalty

Customer loyalty is imperative to the success of any business, without which the whole idea of doing business fails. After all, if you cannot attract repeat customers, that means there is something seriously wrong somewhere. In order to increase repeat customers, an enterprise must focus on web personalization, which holds the key to converting shoppers to buyers and maximizing customer lifetime value to the business.


Customers Want To Feel Special

Customers in any industry demand attention. Whether you are running a brick-and-mortar store or an eCommerce store, customers want you to pay extra attention to them. They want to be recognized and treated in a personalized manner that makes them feel special and heard, ultimately translating into loyalty for your brand.

When a potential buyer visits your eCommerce store, they seek value, besides a quality product. To them the best value a retailer can offer them is in the form of customer service. This is exactly the key to maximizing conversions and influencing repeat business. So when it comes to designing your online marketing strategy, your focus should also be on integrating it with customer service in order to increase repeat customers.

Deliver quality and personalized service to customers by sending them relevant updates and real-time offers that make them feel valuable to your business. Try to give them a unique shopping experience by helping them see what other like-minded customers are buying on the site. Another way to engage returning customers is to send them timely offers to replace a product purchased during their last visit.


Earn Brand Loyalty

Make your existing customers feel special by sending them the best offers. Use your sales data to identify the customers who visit your eCommerce store frequently and spend the most. Surprise and delight them with real-time offers on their next visit. Encourage them to use their reward points and get amazing discounts on their next purchase. Nothing impresses a person more than a special discount, so welcome them to your site with an exclusive offer and earn customer commitment.

Rue La La is one brand that knows exactly how to increase repeat customers through customer service and value. The brand offers a real-time experience to customers with personalized messages designed to collect their invaluable feedback in the form of satisfaction surveys and product reviews. Each loyal customer gets a small gift in the form of future discounts from their eCommerce store in return for their feedback. Not only that, the store also has other smart ways to attract repeat business through amazing offers. When an existing customer reaches a repeat purchase threshold, the brand invites them to have an unlimited shipping experience for only $30!

Which customer would not appreciate a brand for such grand offers and come back for more?


Bottom Line: Transform Your Shoppers’ Journey

Some eCommerce stores come up with smart selling strategies that deliver dramatic results, without adversely affecting the bottom line. As an online store focusing on convincing shoppers to return, you can use web personalization in more ways than one to improve your buyer’s journey and increase repeat customers.


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