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4 Things To Keep in Mind When Starting an eCommerce Store


4 Things To Keep in Mind When Starting an eCommerce Store

An online store could be your ticket to success. It can open up your business to a larger global audience. But starting an eCommerce store comes with its share of risks, especially if you ignore four key aspects of starting an eCommerce business. In order to succeed in the Internet marketplace, it is crucial to avoid mistakes that other failed eCommerce merchants have made.


1. Don’t Ignore Mobile eCommerce

With the proliferation of smartphone(and tablet) technology, the world has gone mobile, and an increasing number of consumers prefer to turn to the Internet on their mobile gadgets to make a purchase. In that case, if your eCommerce website is not mobile compatible, it won’t load properly on the smartphones and tablets of prospective customers. When potential customers can’t access your eCommerce store on their mobiles, it could mean a loss for your business and a gain for a competitor who has embraced mobile eCommerce. In 2012, there was a surge in mobile usage by almost 81%, and it continues to expand its horizon.


2. Pay Close Attention to Customer Service

Your customer contact center is ideally the first point of contact between you and prospective customers. A well-trained customer service support staff, whether in-house or outsourced, thus becomes imperative. Your staff must be fully aware of your business goals, objectives, products, and services as well as policies and terms & conditions. They must have the authority to handle irate customers and have knowledge to deal with such problems. Make sure they are trained well enough to convey your company message in your brand voice and respond to customer queries immediately, without them having to wait. Slow response times could cause you significant losses in the form of angry customers. Your customer service support desk is your gateway to connecting with customers, so it will help to continue making improvements!

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3. You Must Setup KPIs

When starting an eCommerce store, it is important to set up key performance indicators or KPIs, to gauge your performance and assess how close you are to your goals. Track growth and improvement using specific indicators that actually impact your business. Is there any adverse impact on your performance? Have you benefited in any way? If there is a decline in your performance, it will help to identify methods to deal with the issues before the problem grows out of hand.


4. Don’t Ignore Social Network Marketing

What is the use of having an eCommerce store if your audience cannot find you? No doubt, it is crucial to have an online presence, but if you cannot reach out to your customers, your site will serve no purpose. It will just be another site in the Internet marketplace, with no benefit to your business. It is thus important to identify social networks that are widely popular among consumers shopping in your industry. Not only this, it will help to have a social media presence in order to spread the word about your business, so setting up your social network accounts will make it easy to expand your reach. Besides social media, create an inviting email marketing campaign that convinces your audience to subscribe to your emails. It will help to discover paid advertising opportunities, including social ads and search ads, to reach out to a larger audience.


Bottom Line

These are just 4 basic but very important points to keep in mind. Research more about eCommerce before you start preparing and launching an eCommerce store to make sure that you take the right steps. Maybe starting off with a 1 product would be a good test for research.


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