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Interactive Packaging to Boost Sales


Big Brands Use Interactive Packaging to Boost Sales


No brand can stay in the race if it doesn’t sneak into its consumers’ subconscious awareness. Marketing should be focused on creating a physical connection with the audience that creates a bigger impact on their minds. You don’t need to go overboard with guerrilla marketing to create this powerful connection. Rather, it will help to get creative and create product packaging designs that incorporate a larger social media strategy. The purpose is to design interactive and tangible marketing campaigns that create interest in your products. The world’s biggest brands have been smartly following this strategy for years. The best thing is you don’t need a big budget to create such powerful campaigns.


Here’s how Coke and Pepsi did it. You can use interactive packaging to boost sales with a small budget too.


Coca Cola’s #ShareACoke Campaign

Coca Cola has an iconic design that is easily recognizable even without the brand’s name. The company’s #ShareACoke campaign allows customers to replace the brand name and logo with their names, instantaneously creating a personal connection with the audience. This works wonders for the brand’s marketing strategy, as customers feel excited and motivated to share photos about their personalized bottle with their friends in social networks and on the site’s gallery. Not only this, there are rewards for social sharing a Coke. For the first 500 contestants who share a selfie with a Coke on social networks, including Instagram and Twitter, the winners of #SelfieSweeps get access to big music events as a reward. The top 10 posts every day get Spotify Premium for the entire month. This creates a personal connection with the audience, who are encouraged to spread the word about their participation, thus indirectly marketing the brand for Coke.

As a small business, a combination of social media and product packaging campaign can be a crucial part of your marketing. You can run a hashtag campaign on major social networks, inviting your followers to vote for their preferred packaging design. You might also want to take advantage of the sweepstakes selfie that works as a form of social proofing, encouraging your followers to share their selfies with your brand, which indirectly works as word of mouth marketing for you. The key is to leverage the power of social media to personalize the shopping experience for consumers.



Pepsi’s augmented reality campaign

Blippar is an app widely used by some of the leading brands to create “augmented reality.” Such apps are an incredible way to attract customer attention when they’re making their purchasing decisions. Incorporating these apps into your packaging to boost sales is a great way to create interest and retain customer attention, especially if the apps are helpful and fun. The biggest advantage of using these apps is that you don’t need to create a physical package redesign for one campaign. It can be updated or changed at any time, which means modifying the design is a breeze. If you take a look at the Pepsi can, you will find that the company has turned it into an instruction manual so that its audience knows how to engage with the app.

With the app installed and running, customers just need to hold their phone over the product. The app will reveal numerous interactive features. Pepsi used the app to promote its 2015 Super Bowl sponsorship. Just “blipping” a Pepsi can rewarded customers with plenty of offers, such as links to a microsite and automatic entry into a sweepstakes draw. The most popular reward for customers is in the form of a feature that allowed them to take a virtual photo with their favorite NFL player and then do some social sharing.

Read More about Pepsi’s Blippar campaign here. They received more than 2.4 million interactions!

Pepsi's Blippar Marketing Campaign


Bottom Line

Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to follow what the big boys do. You can do it without their big budgets too. The integration of social media and an interactive product packaging campaign will ensure your brand provides an interactive experience and earns brand loyalty from customers. That directly affects the bottom line!


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