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Content Marketing in 2015

Content Marketing in 2015

Content continued to be King in all of 2014, and as we welcome 2015, it will continue to rule the online marketing world. eCommerce marketers use content marketing to spread the word about their products and services and expand their audience(and customer) base.

According to a survey conducted on 600 marketers by the consulting and publishing firm, Smart Insights, 29.6 percent said content marketing would be most important in 2015, followed by Big Data, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Here are the Main Content Related Marketing Trends for 2015


Content Marketing’s Importance WILL Increase

A beautifully designed and feature-rich website cannot attract customers unless there is good content or information for visitors. Use content to establish yourself as an expert in the industry. Consumers often look for helpful information online before making a purchase. They read online reviews and watch review videos of products that interest them. With content marketing, you can reach a wider audience. Savvy marketers can measure content marketing performance by tracking content engagement directly to sales. Marketers can use a number of key metrics to track customer engagement, such as social networking data, cookies, Google Analytics data, and other similar methods, and find out how exactly their content drives eCommerce sales.

Today, content marketing is all about providing informative content for site visitors, which is optimized for search engines. Well optimized content is not about keyword stuffing or following dirty SEO practices to attract traffic from search engines. Good content is crucial for generating organic traffic and ranking well in search engines.
Content marketing is a key internet marketing tool and a traffic magnet that is expected to become even more popular in 2015.


The Multimedia Connection

In the New Year, an increasing number of eCommerce businesses are likely to focus their internet marketing strategy on content creation and marketing. That means that the New Year will witness an influx of how-to videos, product videos, information graphics(also called Infographics), podcasts, and sharable photographic content.


Personalization To Get Easier

In 2014, many online marketers used personalization to offer customers a personalized shopping experience. It’s benefits included better understanding of customer preferences, increased customer loyalty, reduced cart abandonment rates, and increased revenue.

There are a number of personalization tools that will help eCommerce marketers personalize in the New Year. These include Evergage, Monetate, and Idio, among others.


Social Media for Lead Generation

Social media continues to be an important eCommerce marketing tool. In 2015, an increasing number of marketers may jump on the social media bandwagon to collect leads and feed their email and content marketing campaigns.

Providing consistent, quality content for social networks will go a long way in helping marketers generate leads. eCommerce marketers can use social media to maximize their content marketing efforts by creating how-to tutorials, product reviews, and customer FAQs. It is important that the content is contextually relevant to the social network it is posted to and easy to read as well.


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