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10 Last Minute Ways To Increase Holiday Conversions


It’s Not Too Late to Increase Holiday Conversions!


The holiday shopping season is in full swing, with cyber week reporting strong online and mobile sales. According to consumer transaction data involving 370 performance indicators (analyzed by IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark), Cyber Monday sales grew significantly this year, making it the “busiest online shopping day” of the 2004 holiday season with 8.5% growth in online sales.

Online marketers can use these performance indicators as a benchmark to measure their growth, drive more targeted customer engagements to their eCommerce Stores, and increase holiday conversions.


Here are 10 Last Minute Ways to Increase Holiday Conversions this Season.


1. Make your eCommerce store easy to navigate for prospective customers.

An easy-to-use website makes navigation or shopping easier for those interested in your products. Provide your customers with easy navigation to exciting gift giving sections with amazing offers to attract and keep them interested.


2. Offer your customers a flexible and clearly spelled out return policy for the holiday season.

Consumers are attracted to eCommerce stores that have an extended return policy that gives them the option to return or replace items they aren’t happy with. This will not only help attract them, but also increase holiday conversions.

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3. Offer free standard shipping for the holidays.

While you may charge for over sized orders, give free shipping for standard sized orders. If free isn’t possible, give a flat rate for shipping to make it easier for customers to know upfront how much they will need to pay for the order. Your task is to make it simple(painless) and quick for them to shop. Eliminate their frustration of having to include an item in their cart merely to determine the shipping fee they will be charged for the order and then have to Remove the item because of high shipping fees.


4. Display deals, offers and order policies prominently.

Display all exciting offers, including extended return policies, free shipping orders, coupons, and money saving policies, in a strategic location on each page, so that viewers come to know about your key selling points instantly.

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5. Give Customers Coupon Codes!

Display the coupon code where customers expect it. Yes, cut their frustration of having to search for a coupon deal in Google or other search engines. Consider offering them an instant coupon to make shopping easier. You may request customers for their email address in exchange for a coupon. This way, you make customers for life.


6. Make shopping easy for customers.

You don’t want to frustrate prospects by requiring them to fulfill minimum order or volume purchase criteria. Nothing frustrates a customer more than such stringent conditions where they need to buy 3 of the same items to get a special “volume” discount.

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7. Highlight best sellers.

Highlight best sellers or products with highest customer ratings or positive comments that will make them more attractive to prospects and increase holiday conversions.


8. Make your landing page clutter free.

You don’t want your home page, product landing page, or category page to look cluttered, with the key selling point hiding under too much information. This holiday season your prime purpose is to sell more, so try to attract customers to your eCommerce store that looks neat and clean yet rich of offers for them to grab.


9. Display all payment options.

Tto make it aptly clear to shoppers which payment methods you accept, display(and explain) the payment methods you use clearly. This will cut their frustration of making an order only to find that you don’t accept their favorite payment method. PayPal is the most popular payment medium with worldwide acceptance. In short, make pricing and payment easy for your customers!

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10. Stop requiring first-time buyers to sign up with you.

Though signing up makes shopping easier for customers in the future, not everyone is happy with this condition. If your cart supports PayPal’s Express Checkout, activate the option to make checkout quicker for shoppers. Also, Guest Checkout is available for most eCommerce store platforms, so use that to your advantage too. You can always use their email address at a later date to get them to sign up in exchange for discounts or deals.


Social Networking is everywhere, with a large percentage of consumers present daily in social networks either checking their feeds or sharing with their friends. Consider social sharing to share your products this season. Social Networking is the new word of mouth that can help increase holiday conversions. Also, don’t forget to provide excellent eCommerce Customer Service for the Holidays.

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