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You Can Easily Get Current Customers to Buy More from Your eCommerce Store.

Get Current Customers to By More


You have been in business long enough to know that it’s easier to keep current customers than to get new ones. Similarly, in the eCommerce world, it is easier to get current customers to buy more instead of getting new customers. After all, existing customers already know your business and product. So why not convince them to purchase from you again?


Here are a few tips to help you Engage with Current Customers and get them to come back and buy more.


Send Email Newsletters

One of the best tools to maintain and build relationships with existing customers is your email subscribers list. It is one of the leading engagement and conversion channels for eCommerce. Research reveals that the email conversion rate is much higher than social, and almost twice as high as organic search. Quick, easy and painless to implement, an email marketing campaign can produce big results.
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Surprise & Delight Your Customers

Even a small gesture is enough to delight someone. When it comes to pleasing your existing customers, nothing can satisfy them more than a freebie or a surprise gift or a 10% off coupon. Let your customer feel special, knowing that you have gone that extra mile for rewarding them for their loyalty with your business. The law of reciprocity might apply here, as the customer might want to spread the word about it. A positive action on your part may receive a positive reaction from your customers. Add social media re-sharing links to your communications with them. Thus the customer becomes an incredible referral marketing channel, which can produce massive results.


Reach out and Connect on Social Media and Post Often

You cannot ignore social media. In fact, social networking is one of the best tools for engaging customers and building and cultivating relationships. Keep an eye on fans who have liked or follow your company page. That includes most loyal customers who want to hear about new products from your brand, new offers, discounts, and deals.

Use your status updates section to post often to connect with old and existing customers. You should be posting regularly in social networks while making sure you don’t overwhelm customers with too many daily posts.

Here are the best times to post and other key takeaways on social media as suggested by bufferapp. You can read the full article here.

Best time to post on Facebook: 1pm
Best day of the week to post to Facebook: On weekends you get 32% more engagement

Best time to post on Twitter (for clicks): 1-3pm
Best time to post on Twitter (for retweets): 5pm
Best day of the week to Tweet: Any weekday gives 14% more engagement than weekend


Offer a Discount or Credit to Return

No doubt, offers, deals, promotions, and discounts are a big attraction, but offering them most of the time risks making customers accustomed to getting bargains. True, discounting can be a good trigger to bring back old customers and get current customers to buy more, but you cannot use promotions and deals as a selling tactic all the time. After all, you cannot afford to do so!
You might want to offer credits for any purchase instead of a percentage discount. The deal looks lucrative enough for the customer to spend more. Sending discounts to customers who haven’t purchased for a while can be a great attraction to draw them toward your business.


Get Your Email Timing in Sync with Your Product Lifespan

Say you sell Vitamins online. You can bring back current customers to buy more vitamins by estimating when their 60 or 90 day supply may be finished. Sending well timed emails about offers, discounts, deals, and promotions is a logical way to get current customers to buy more. A timely offer email for consumable products at a discounted rate can pitch the right product at the right time to the right customer.


Bottom Line

Your existing customer is undoubtedly the best asset for your business, so pay special attention to them. It will pay you rich dividends in the long run while supercharging revenue for your store.


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