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Wondering how you can boost your holiday sales and profits? Upsell your products!

Upsell Your Products

There isn’t anything better than a record holiday sales season. Every retailer dreams of capturing the attention of holiday shoppers to boost sales and process tons of orders during the peak season. For many retailers the holiday season is the busiest time of the year.


Here are 4 easy to implement tips to upsell your products.


1. Offer matching or related products

One of the smartest ways to convince a potential buyer to really buy something is to promote matching or related products. Get creative and suggest products that complement each other. For example, when a site visitor is looking at pillows, show them bedsheets too. Or if someone is looking at a Red Couch, show them a matching Red Ottoman and a Red Chair too!

Related items in Product Page

Use the product page to promote other related items. All big box retailers do this to attract attention to other products. Open a product page on their website and you’ll notice images of related items appearing on the sidebar or below the main product. An easy one-click “Add to Cart” or “Add to Wishlist”option will make it seamless for customers to add everything to their cart.


2. Attract Attention with Last Minute Suggestions

Capture the customer’s attention when they are ready to check out or click the buy now button. An ad of “awesome recommended products” that complements the item they have just ordered(or viewed) is sometimes enough to convince them to make a bigger purchase.

You could also use a list of commonly forgotten holiday items in a pop-up window ad to attract attention during the checkout process and upsell your products. A discount on your recommended products or a shopping deal will make it easier for you to convince the customer to add to their current purchase. Free Shipping may just seal the deal!

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3. Make Customers Sign-Up With Your Loyalty Club

Loyalty Club Cards

Create a loyalty club and ask customers to sign-up with it. Customers who are members of loyalty or discount clubs get attractive discounts and messages from retailers. For the retailer, clubs offer a great way to capture demographic and contact details of the customer and a quick peek into their order history. Don’t forget to promote your existing email or discount club during the holiday season with teaser messages on your eCommerce site, letting customers know all about the deals and discounts on offer. The club is also a great platform to make members feel special with “members only” deals.


4. Train Customer Care Agents to Upsell Your Products

Customer Service AgentsSome customers do call to check on their orders even before the shipment has left the warehouse, primarily during the holiday season when there is a rush of orders and everyone wants their gifts NOW! There are also some customers who may call your contact center to place an order because they prefer placing orders over the phone instead of online. In such situations, trained customer care representatives or agents can(and should) use the opportunity to upsell other related products. Some consumers have a hard time saying “No” when asked over the phone to add to an order. Take advantage of that.

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Train agents to quickly review the order history(for returning customers) and the current order of the customer. That will help customer care agents to more correctly suggest related products that might interest the caller. Don’t forget to keep the option of offering them a time-sensitive discount on such products. After all, your purpose is to boost eCommerce sales and you don’t want to lose a golden opportunity to convince customers to buy now!

Our Contact Center Team is well trained to look at order history and upsell your products.


Bottom Line

Get your products in front of your customers’ eyes(and into callers’ ears) and use the powers of suggestion and order history to accurately predict what the customer is looking for and sell it to them. Research shows that deliberate suggestion can influence which products people prefer.


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