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3 Big Impact eCommerce Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Some simple but effective marketing tips can help boost traffic for your online store and increase eCommerce sales this holiday season. Savvy shoppers have already started with their holiday shopping spree. It’s time to capture the attention of holiday shoppers and draw them to your eCommerce store. It’s time to boost your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales this year!

According to statistics released by Think with Google in August 2014, 29 percent of consumers are expected to start Christmas shopping before Halloween. Last year saw a sudden increase in the Black Friday sales by 27 percent compared to 2012, with shoppers looking hungrier than ever for a holiday shopping deal and raising queries about the topic a week ahead.

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Use these 3 Simple but Big Impact Tips to Increase eCommerce Sales this Holiday Season.


1. Create a Black Friday and Cyber Monday Landing Page NOW

Design and Launch a landing page for the two biggest Sales Days this season. Last holiday season’s statistics clearly showed an increased shopping season rush, especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when shoppers seemed hungrier for a deal. This year is going to be no different!

A number of retailers have created dedicated Black Friday landing pages to get a head start of the shopping rush this season. These unique pages ought to be optimized for relevant keywords that will allow Google and Bing to index them and bring plenty of traffic to your eCommerce store. Walmart, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, Overstock, Bodybuilding, Macy’s, GameStop have designed special landing pages to keep deal-hunting shoppers informed.

Their landing pages have a special section for:

  • Links to Current Specials
  • Links to Social Media pages
  • Email Subscription Form

Your page should include some basic information and any special deals you are offering for the holidays. Doing so will help you get ranked for your niche keywords and visitors will be able to find you easily through search engines.


2. Offer an Email Subscription Service for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Another very important function to include on your landing page is an email subscription form. It must be immediately visible and should not require more than an email address(and Name maybe). That will allow shoppers to subscrbe to email alerts from you and will help you keep subscribers informed about your special sales. Interesting and informative email newsletters and alerts can keep potential customers attracted and waiting for your sales event. They will wait anxiously for your emails containing new deals, offers, and special sales for the season. Not only this, email registration is a great way to build up your email list and also to retain customers and attract new ones.

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3. Create and Share Shopping-Related Content on Social Media

Engaging content is imperative to the success of your eCommerce business. True, you can reach out to your subscribers with dedicated email campaigns; however, this doesn’t lead to two-way communication. Since you are the only one sending messages, there is only one-way communication. The need of the hour is two-way communication that will keep the conversation going. Customer engagement is a must to keep them attracted to your products and services.

Creating optimized, informational, and promotional content for the two big days of the season is a smart way to spread the word about your products, deals, and offerings. Customers love informative content, and publishing accurate, educational content about your products will portray you as a leader or expert in the eyes of prospects. Good content helps with search rankings too!

Your focus should be to create product-related content, which gives adequate information to customers about each specific item on your website. Share the same across your social media networks to keep your audience informed and engaged. With an increasing number of online users present on social media, it will certainly help you reach out to a larger audience, boost presence, generate interest and traffic and increase eCommerce sales.


Make the 2014 holiday season your best so far with the 3 Big Impact Tips above and make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2014!

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