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4 Tips to Increase eCommerce Sales During Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2014


Black Frioday and Cyber Monday Sales 2014


The big shopping season will be here soon. So what are you doing to increase eCommerce sales during this year’s shopping season? What are your plans especially for the 2 biggest days – Black Friday(November 28th 2014)  and Cyber Monday(December 1st 2014) ?

A report by the National Retail Federation claims that 20 percent of Americans have already begun shopping for Christmas, and that the number is expected to double by Halloween.

Last year’s statistics shared by trend-tracking firm, comScore, portray a very bright picture for retailers, when Black Friday sales rose by 15 percent. By Cyber Monday, the seasonal sales had spiked by almost 18 percent. 2013 Holiday Season eCommerce Spending Reached a Record $46.5 Billion!


1. Create Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Landing Pages NOW!

The power of landing pages in generating traffic and attracting prospects is huge. It’s time to take advantage of this eCommerce marketing tip and get a share of the Billions of consumer dollars that will be up for grabs during the holiday rush. Creating a search engine optimized landing page for your special season sale is a tried and tested way to increase eCommerce sales.

These retailers listed below have already created special landing pages dedicated to the big shopping days of the 2014 Holiday Season. Check out their Black Friday landing pages in the slideshow below.

The Landing Pages highlighted above all have the following points that I discuss in this Post.

  • Email Subscription Form
  • Links to their Social Media pages
  • Links to Current Specials

Your landing pages need to be created now so that search engines can start indexing them. But they do not need to have very specific deals or offers on them right away. You can have basic sales information on them or current specials but YOU MUST Have an Email Subscription form. That leads me to my next point.


2. Setup an Email Subscription Form.

Once you have created and optimized your landing pages for your special offers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, include an email subscription form that is immediately visible. This is a great resource to attract deal-hunting shoppers. They can subscribe and wait for your offers. When your holiday specials are ready, you can email them to subscribers. That will keep subscribers informed and engaged about all the offers, deals, and special sales all the way from Black Friday to After Christmas and New Year Sales. Indeed a great way to get and retain customers and increase eCommerce sales!

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3. Create and Share Shopping Related Content.

Your Email Campaigns can reach out to your subscribers but it’s more of a one way communication. Don’t get me wrong, Email Subscriptions are very important, but you still need engaging content. Create shopping or product related content and share it across your social media channels. That will turn it into two way communication. You are advertising as well as educating your subscribers, followers and customers about your products and sales. You are engaging them on social media.

Create well-optimized, promotional content targeted for Black Friday and Cyber Monday(and Thanksgiving and Christmas as well). Interesting, informative, and engaging content focusing on smart deal finding tips, great holiday gift ideas, and how to find gifts to impress a sweetheart, or special gifts for homeschooling parents and kids among others, will generate interest, traffic and shares and engagement. Remember, consumers love websites that give(and actively discuss) expert advice in the niche and can give them information-rich content.


4. Your eCommerce Store MUST be Mobile Compatible!

In 2013, mobile traffic accounted for 39.7% of the total internet traffic on Black Friday, according to an IBM Black Friday Report. Mobile sales received a 22% share of total online sales. Unfortunately, most retailers aren’t yet mobile ready, which means lesser profits from online sales this year. If you haven’t yet decided to make your eCommerce store mobile friendly, it’s time to take quick action and optimize your mobile presence to capitalize on the mobility rush. According to a report published in USA Today, Walmart recorded 50 percent of its 2013 Cyber Monday traffic from smartphones.


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