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Use our eCommerce Guide to Get Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2014

eCommerce Guide for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2014


The 2014 holiday season is just around the corner. As an online retailer, you must be gearing up for the biggest shopping period of the year right about now. With the 2014 holidays estimated to set new shopping records, a number of retailers have already started preparing for the busy holiday shopping season ahead. Many have already planned for the Christmas rush. On average, customers start shopping in October, so it’s important for you to start preparing well ahead in time and be where your prospects are. If you haven’t yet given it a thought, here’s a brief eCommerce guide to help with your efforts.


Is Your Mobile Optimization Complete?

Today, mobile is everywhere, and a majority of your eCommerce sales are expected to originate from a mobile device. Make sure your eCommerce store is mobile optimized and ready for the mobile shopping onslaught. Retailers with a mobile eCommerce solution successfully in place are likely to win big this year. According to the Seventh Annual Online Retail Holiday Readiness Report published by IBM in June 2014, smartphones are projected to account for 43 percent of the total site traffic in November this year. That’s about 20 percent of sales. Get your online store optimized for mobile for mobile shoppers as soon as possible.


Are You Ready for Free Shipping, Returns and Exchanges?

Any eCommerce guide is not complete without some focus on Shipping, Returns and Exchanges. When it comes to attracting customers, building customer loyalty is important. Many retailers are smart enough to offer free shipping year around. If you are already offering free shipping on a minimum purchase offer, it will help to come up with an eCommerce sales strategy focused on three additional free shipping offers for the 2014 holiday rush.

For example, you might offer “free two-day shipping” during the holidays so that your customers can expect their orders within 48 hours or less. “Free last-minute shipping” offers are also a hit with shoppers. Give customers a seamless user experience when shopping with you, and they will surely come back for more!

Another important aspect of running holiday promotions is to make your returns and exchange policies aptly clear in writing to customers. A dedicated returns and exchanges page will help clear any doubts that a customer might have regarding returns or exchanges. Make sure your returns page has all the information on:

  • Holiday Returns
  • Return Shipping Charges
  • Year-round Returns
  • Full Refund requirements and time involved for processing
  • Defective Products Returns
  • Cost of returns, if any

Don’t forget to include a returns and exchange policy in every shipping box. This will save time for both you and your customers. Lastly, keep in touch with the customer who returns your product. Remember, it takes time and effort to gain and keep a customer who can be lost in seconds.


Are You Done With Planning for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales?

During the holiday season, retailers cannot ignore the Black Friday and Cyber Monday rush, when shoppers keenly track down the best deals. This is the best time to cash in on these “big game hunters” by offering some exciting discounts on products that are in high demand during the season. Prepare a list of all those items you plan to surprise your audience with during these busy days. Don’t forget to make an eCommerce sales plan to promote these discounted offers via commercials on YouTube, Marketing on Social Media channels and Email Campaigns.


Is Your Customer Service Team Ready?

The 2014 holiday season is going to be very busy for retailers. It is that time of the year when shoppers are on a shopping spree and retailers try to attract them with exciting offers and an excellent customer experience. You will need to go a step further in doing all you can to keep customers satisfied! Excellent Customer Service plays a big role in getting and retaining clients.

Prepare a list of possible questions that customers might ask you so that you have all the answers to offer them a seamless experience with your store. Make sure your customer service channels are easily accessible. No one likes to wait, and a customer has no time to lose on a store that doesn’t have an easily accessible customer support staff.

  • Offer online live chat
  • Expand your eCommerce customer service channels
  • Listen to the issues concerning them
  • Use empathy with a dissatisfied customer
  • Take steps for an immediate resolution

If you know how to please your customers, they will keep coming back for more. A dissatisfied customer who is not heard will prefer to move to your competitor. Your competitors are just a quick search away!


What Seasonal Specials Are You Offering?

Okay, so you are done with planning for the holiday frenzy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, offering exciting deals and discounts to bewitch prospects. Your eCommerce sales strategy should also include planning for four seasonal sales or promotions.

If you haven’t decided about it yet, you need to plan offers to:

  • Attract early shoppers at the beginning of November
  • Extend the shopping frenzy around Black Friday
  • Use the Holiday Spirit on existing customers and make them feel special at the beginning of December
  • Attract the last-minute rush of gift buyers just before Christmas and suggest your offers as great last minute gifts


Make the 2014 holiday season your best so far with this eCommerce guide and make the most of the great holiday rush!

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