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During Holidays 2014, Expect eCommerce Sales to GO UP!


eCommerce During Holidays 2014


The 2014 Holiday Season is around the corner and eCommerce pundits are Predicting Increased Sales during the Holidays. This year, eCommerce businesses will have one extra day to boost sales between Black Friday and Christmas, compared to 2013. Is it a good omen for eCommerce sales? Volusion predicts 9% online growth for Small-to-Medium businesses during Holidays 2014.


Increase in Sales Volume

In the 2013 holiday shopping season, retail eCommerce sales rose from $42.29 billion in 2012 to $46.55 billion according to That’s a $4 Billion increase in just over a year!

Small and medium enterprises are expected to register an impressive growth of 9% in online sales during holidays 2014. With more sales volume expected this holiday season, how do you plan to prepare for those volume spikes?

Well, it will certainly help to beef up your servers so that your site remains up and running with minimum downtime to ensure a smooth user experience. Besides, you might want to hire additional warehouse and contact center staff to ensure a good stock of inventory. Using sharable coupons as a mode of incentivizing existing customers to spread the word about your business is a cost-effective method to boost eCommerce sales. Tap into existing customers through loyalty programs to prevent them from turning to competition stores. Also get busy on Social Media right away!

Here are 3 Best Emails to Send Before Christmas.


eCommerce Mobile Platforms

The Mobile Mantra

While the future of eCommerce sales looks promising during the holiday rush, one big driver will be mobile commerce.

Volusion merchants saw a 23% growth in mobile sales in the second quarter of 2014 alone.

A report by Custora indicates that mobile will get a fair share of the eCommerce sales, accounting for almost 33% of online holiday sales.

According to an IBM report, 43% of site traffic and 20% of online sales is expected to come from mobile devices during holidays 2014. Statistics reveal that about 40% of all site visits are from mobile devices.

This surely sends a good signal to eCommerce retailers that have a mobile-friendly interface. To succeed this holiday season, e-retailers will need to focus on device type, mobile app, and operating system to ensure a flawless customer experience. More online businesses are expected to go mobile to get a chunk of the mobile eCommerce sales boom.


Price Comparison

As an online-only merchant, it will certainly help to compare your prices with that of key competitors, including both online and offline. Even a slight reduction in relative prices might turn the tide in your favor, helping boost eCommerce sales and convert leads into sales! Don’t forget to send regular updates to existing customers regarding drop in prices in order to keep them glued to your eCommerce store, preventing them from jumping to bigger online retailers, such as Amazon!


A Personal Touch

Being polite and thankful always helps. A unique personal approach to customer service speaks volumes about warmth, gratitude, and competence. When it comes to boosting eCommerce sales for holiday season, a personal touch could be the difference between a prospect and a customer. Brands are increasingly becoming aware of the need for enhancing customer service by giving a personal touch. Retailers are starting to leverage video to create deeper relationships with their client base – thanking customers and answering questions with video messages.

It will certainly help to regularly engage with your audience, infuse more personality into online interaction, and forge long-term relationships. Warby Parker is one brand that emphasizes on giving a person touch to customer service. The brand uses video messaging to engage with prospects and provide a higher level of customer service, regularly responding to customer tweets with personalized YouTube clips. A real-time video reply as part of your communication mix strategy might work wonders for you this holiday season! Investing in a video is a smarter way to boost eCommerce sales. Who knows it might turn out to be your ticket to heavenly sales?

Offering personalized products for your customers is a clever way to attract sales and convert prospects before the holiday season.


Below is a video of TD Bank using a Personal Touch to Thank their Customers using their ATM Machines.



The FREE Shipping Edge

Anything that comes for free is an attraction. When it comes to boosting holiday shopping sales, you Absolutely Cannot Ignore Shipping Costs to the consumer. While offering exclusive discounts, amazing offers, and combo deals always attracts customers, it is the shipping and delivery rates that are most often a Buy-Stopper! Free, quick, and better shipping is your hot-ticket to getting a spike in online sales for holidays 2014.

A comScore survey demonstrates the importance of free shipping for customers. According to the survey, 81% of shoppers stress that free shipping is a big holiday shopping attraction. Besides free shipping, e-retailers need to ensure timely delivery of orders for shoppers to stay with them. Last year, most e-retailers struggled to make timely holiday deliveries, blaming the short holiday shopping season for the mess. Of course, as an eCommerce business, you don’t want to repeat this trend. As an e-retailer, you should be clear about your cutoff date. Do not forget to display it clearly on your site so that customers are aware of it beforehand before clicking buy.

Read our Holiday Shipping Guide to get more details.


Bottom Line

Get Ready Early and don’t wait until the last minute. Make sure your eCommerce store is mobile compatible and show customers that you value them by using a personal touch.


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