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Holiday Shipping Guide for eCommerce Retailers

Same Day Shipping

Ship Products ASAP!

The Holiday Season makes everyone happy and anxious at the same time and Holiday Shipping can make or break an eCommerce business. People are on a buying spree and they want their products as soon possible. This makes their tolerance for slow shipping and delays very low.

Many times a sale can be lost to a competitor who may be shipping items out on the same day. It is best to ship items on the same day that they are purchased by your customers. Advertise Same Day Shipping and an order cut off time on your website, and stick to it! It’s a sure way to get and retain customers for your eCommerce business.

Also, always maintain a shipping carrier pickup and ship by deadline list. That will help make sure your products get out your door and reach your customers on time. Don’t forget to update your list regularly, especially for the holiday season.


Pre-Pack Orders During Down Time.

Some types of products can be shipped in advance depending on what you sell. Fulfill orders for commonly shipped products ahead of time and label the packages accurately to make sure you know what’s in them. Basically, you need to cut down on shipping and handling time in order to get your holiday shipping done accurately and on a timely basis. For example, if you are selling iPhone cases, you can easily pack your most popular cases ahead of time and ready to be shipped as soon as a customer orders one. This can be true for many types of products.


Stock Up on Shipping Supplies.

The peak holiday shipping season is the worst time to be out of shipping supplies like boxes, bubble wrap, and packaging tape. Use last holiday season’s data to make sure you buy more than enough shipping supplies for this holiday season. Some shippers do give free packaging supplies depending on the shipping service and volume. Find out and get stocked up.

Did you know that if you Outsourced your Order Fulfillment process, you would automatically get volume discounts on shipping supplies? There are many Advantages of Outsourced Order Fulfillment.


Eliminate Trips to the Post Office or Drop Box.

If you are using USPS Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express, you can save time by scheduling USPS pickups online. There are no charges and there is no minimum number of packages you need, but you should try to get as much packed and ready as you can in order o make the most of your time

You can use these shippers’ tools to Schedule a Pickup.
FedEx – FedEx requires an online account to schedule pickups.


Always Update Your Customers.Communicate shipping progress

Customers always want to know whats happening with their packages. They want to see progress in shipping and handling. So, use email notifications for package tracking. Make sure that your shipping system can automatically send out shipping notifications that includes a package tracking link. This is a also great time saver as it will help eliminate customer support calls related to shipping and tracking and will ultimately get you Happy Customers.


Ensure an Efficient Returns Restocking Process.

There are many reasons why a customer may return a product. It could be damaged, not the right color or the size didn’t really fit. Whatever the reason, you need to make sure that the returns process is easy, clearly spelled out, and fast for your customers. Read our post 3 Tips for Better Returns and Exchanges to learn more about it.

On your Inventory end of the Returns process, you must also be fast on restocking the product if it’s not damaged. If it’s just a case of a customer not liking the product or a bad fit, you need to repack and get the product back into the inventory cycle in order to be able to sell it again. Don’t let good, functional, returned products lay around and go to waste. There may be another customer who likes that product just fine and will buy it.


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