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The Low Summer Sales Period can be used to help Increase eCommerce Sales after Summer.


The Summer Slow Down Can Help Increase eCommerce Sales

We all love Summer time. A season of road trips and barbecues with the family, and swimming at the beach or in the pool or traveling to other states or countries. Just plain feeling free and enjoying the Summer break and popsicles. That’s basically what many of your customers are doing and that explains slow summer sales. You on the other hand, may be stressing because of low summer sales. It can hurt your business.

So, instead of doing nothing, you can work on increasing eCommerce sales in the  months after summer and also get a jump start on your year end holiday season. Year end holiday sales have been starting earlier and earlier every season so why not get a jump start on your planning for it.

You need to be Proactive in the Summer low season in order to Increase eCommerce Sales after Summer.


Become More Active on Social Media


As your customers spend time traveling and enjoying their summer breaks, they also become more active on Social Media sites. Especially on photo and video sharing sites like Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, and Vine as well as Twitter and Google+. That gives you a great opportunity to interact with them. You can introduce your new products or just re-introduce your current products to them on social media. You could also get feedback on your product range, or your customer service standards or new ideas from your customers and their social media friends. Engaging with your customers and their friends on social media is one of the keys to a successful online enterprise. This engagement can help drive new customers to your website and increase eCommerce sales with new customers as well as repeat customers.

4 in 10 Social Media Users have purchased an item online


Attend Trade Shows, eCommerce Conferences and Workshops


The Summer months host many local and national eCommerce related Trade Shows, Conferences, and Workshops all over the United States and in other countries. You will definitely meet other people with similar interests and be able to share business experiences and learn from how others are doing well in eCommerce. You may also meet some potential customers who are gathered at these events to find out more about different products or businesses. It’s a great place to be to showcase your product range and even get some traffic to your eCommerce site. Some excellent yearly conferences include Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition or IRCE for short, WhichTestWon’s The Live Event, and The Affiliate Summit.


Prepare For Year End Holiday Sales during Summer


It’s never too early to get ready for the biggest chance to increase eCommerce sales during the year end holiday sales. There are Pre-Holiday Sales, Black Friday, Holiday Sales, After Holiday Sales and also Year End Sales. It’s the season to sell that lasts a good two months! With billions of dollars of products sold online, the months of November and December have been extremely important to eCommerce retailers.

You need to plan an effective holiday sales strategy that will produce great results. Get your products for Holiday Sales incorporated into your Email Campaigns, Holiday Advertising, and PPC Campaigns. Use the slow Summer months to plan and execute your year end holiday sales.


Bottom Line – Don’t let the Slow Summer go to waste!


Don’t waste the slow summer months. Use the extra time to reinvigorate your marketing, sales, your product line and maybe also your delivery channels. Find out what your customers want. Find out what your competition is doing. Find out how you can process and ship your products to your customer in a faster, more efficient and dependable way. Think about outsourcing your Order Fulfillment. Here are some Advantages of Outsourced Order Fulfillment.



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