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Outsource Order Fulfillment instead of Hiring Full Time Employees


In our previous post, we had some advice on how to outsource order fulfillment to save money. Here is some follow up advice on how it can help cut down costs in Personnel Hiring.

Why hire full time employees when you can outsource and pay for only what you use?


Save on Wages

Outsource Order Fulfillment

When you outsource order fulfillment, you are only paying for the inventory stored in your outsourced warehouse and only for products that you ship. If you hired a full time warehouse and shipping manager, you would have to pay them whether or not there is real work. Whether you ship 10 or 1000 products, you will still have to pay your warehouse and shipping manager. You will have to pay employees whether they are actively working or not. When you outsource order fulfillment, you don’t pay for the time employees spend taking breaks or for the time when there is no work to be done.


Save on Taxes and Insurance Coverage

When hiring employees you have to withhold their taxes, pay Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment taxes.  This is over and above what the employee pays. By outsourcing order fulfillment, you do not need to worry about such withholding and taxes. These are costs that you can spend on Marketing or other aspects of your business.

Many states require employers to pay for workers compensation insurance for employees.  This is not required when working with an outsourced order fulfillment company. The order fulfillment company takes care of their obligations with their employees.


Save On Benefits

Many full time employees expect benefits such as healthcare, 401K plans, and paid time off. You will not need to worry about these with an order fulfillmnt company as they pay for such benefits for their employees.


Save on Training(and re-training)

Save on Training and Re-training EmployeesEvery business works differently and they always need some type of training for their newly hired employees. If you have a high turnover, then this can become an even bigger problem. Order Fulfillment companies like Xipix Logistix have been working with many clients in many different industries for a long time. Most of our staff is highly trained and can tackle any order fulfillment tasks easily as it is part of their daily job. Our training and attention to detail in our processes ensures that mistakes are kept to a minimum and deadlines are never missed.


No More Monitoring Employees and Deadlines

Outsource Order Fulfillment

When you outsource order fulfillment, you will not need to monitor your employees progress or set priorities or check on deadlines. Xipix has complete online reporting that can give you updated inventory control reports as well as shipping reports. So, you can always know what’s happening with your inventory at any time.


Bottom Line: Save!

Outsource order fulfillment to save money

At the end of the day, outsourcing order fulfillment is like putting your eCommerce business on auto-pilot. You work on managing your product line and clients, and your outsourced order fulfillment partner works on inventory, shipping and handling your product. They also safe guard your product in their insured, safe warehousing facility and give you on demand reporting whenever needed.


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