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Outsource Order Fulfillment to help you streamline your order fulfillment process.




Save Money and provide Exceptional Customer Service to your Customers.

Outsource does not mean that you move your order fulfillment overseas, it simply means that you will not be doing order fulfillment from your office or storage location. It means that you find a professional order fulfillment company and have them fulfill your orders for you. Basically, they receive and hold your inventory in their extra large warehouse and then pick, pack and ship your orders as they get sold. It frees you from doing most of the daily shipping and handling tasks.

Before committing to outsource order fulfillment, you need to know the following in detail.

  • Your cost to completely fulfill an order door to door.
  • Your labor charges, materials, insurance costs, as well as warehouse or storage space and equipment in your calculations. In other words, Your Fixed Costs.
  • Don’t forget utility charges!


Save Timetime-is-money

The one huge benefit you will notice immediately when you outsource order fulfillment is the time saved. This is something that all types of business will save on right away. Order fulfillment or simply the shipping and handling process takes up a lot of time. There are shipping providers and rates to research and keep up with continually, boxes and shipping materials to purchase, packages to be dropped off and picked up as well as inventory and accounting of what has been sold and what needs restocking. All of the above can be handled very competently by a third party order fulfillment company.

Instead of spending time and resources on order fulfillment, you can Concentrate on your Clients, your Products, or other business processes. With the time savings, you can research new products that may work well for your business. You can start taking an active role in Marketing your Business Online via Social Media channels. The time savings will translate into money savings.



Save on Fixed Costs

When you outsource order fulfillment, you will not need warehouse space, salaries for warehouse employees, or insurance for your inventory storage. If you don’t outsource order fulfillment, you will have to pay these fixed costs whether you fulfill 1 order or 1000 orders every month. Money saved from fixed costs can be better spent on enhancing the production of your goods or on Marketing your Goods and Services.


Save on Shipping Rates and Shipping Supplies

Another benefit you will see when you outsource order fulfillment, is the savings on shipping rates and shipping supplies and materials. Third party order fulfillment providers have a significantly large volume that is needed to negotiate great deals with shipping companies like FedEx, USPS, UPS and DHL. The cheaper shipping rates that large fulfillment companies get cannot be negotiated by small businesses working and shipping on their own. Discounts and savings from these cheaper rates are passed on to their order fulfillment clients. Read more about how you can Save Money on Shipping with FedEx, DHL, USPS and UPS.

Fulfillment providers supply boxes, packing materials, and other shipping products. They buy these in large quantities and get very good volume discounts. Again, savings from these discounts are passed on to their order fulfillment clients. When purchasing these shipping supplies on your own, you will not get pricing anywhere close to what an order fulfillment company can get. Imagine you buying 100 boxes a month and order fulfillment companies buying 100,000 boxes a month. The savings add up!


Bottom Line

The bottom line is that when you outsource your order fulfillment, you will definitely Save Time. The time saved alone can be a huge factor and will allow you to concentrate more on your key business processes or your product range. But more often than not, you will also Save on Fixed Costs,  Save on Shipping Rates and Shipping Supplies


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