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Xipix Logistix is honored to support the US Speedskating team at Sochi.


We also are very honored to support the US Ski and Snowboarding teams.


Evan Miller from US Speedskating has a great message for us in his email below:

Friends, Family and colleagues over the years,

As the 2014 Winter Olympic Games get underway in Sochi right now, I want to say Thank You for everything you’ve done. Whether you know it or not, you’ve helped build an amazing country and community that supports the Olympic movement, and everything it stands for.

US Speedskating is proud of our long and storied tradition in representing Team USA at the Winter Olympic Games. Become a part of the US Speedskating Family, and help us build the next generation of Olympic Stars while receiving commemorative 2014 “Defeat The World” merchandise in return!

Like us on Facebook, Tweet at us, tell your friends to watch us on NBC, and please click on the following link to chip us a buck.

Speedskating athletes do not become Olympians on their own, it takes this strong support team of dedicated coaches, doctors, trainers, teammates, family, Proud Partners and grassroots supporters like you! We need your help in providing resources to young skaters to get them on track for winning Olympic Medals for Team USA in 2018 and beyond. Every contribution helps! A dollar, five bucks or buy a cool t-shirt – it all helps, and it’s all appreciated! This tax deductible contribution will support aspiring Olympians to follow their dreams for 2018 and beyond.

So, enjoy all the action from Sochi. We’re marching in Opening Ceremonies right now! Take pride in the fact that you’re a part of our US Speedskating Family!


Evan Miller – US Speedskating Team at Sochi


Lets support Team USA at the Sochi Olympics. A dollar, five bucks or buy a cool t-shirt – it all helps, and it’s all appreciated!