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Win Through Excellent (Human) Customer Service


create-loyal-customers-through-excellent-customer-serviceThe Phrase, “the experience rules” is very important at Xipix Logistix. We recommended to keep the human element in service.

A service-led approach could introduce a slew of new digital touchpoints, but it should also uncover new human-driven ones as well. Following through with this frame of mind, at Xipix, we offer to Handle Your Customer Service for you. Managing Customer Interaction is a key ingredient in earning repeat business. The Xipix Contact Center team understands this well.  We manage customer interactions via phone, email and live chat to provide an exceptional customer service experience regardless of the channel your customers choose.


Use Technology for Better Customer Service

video-chat-for-customer-serviceVideo and live chat are becoming exceedingly powerful tools that add an element of Humanity to an all-digital experience and have been shown to deliver higher conversion rates. So, while other companies are making it increasingly harder for customers to talk to a real person, Xipix strives to keep that human interaction by using technology. You can be sure that there will be a real human when your customers contact Xipix. We believe in the Human Element for Excellent Customer Service.



Make Customer Service Easily Available


Making it easy and straightforward to get customer service will in turn lead them to use your customer service to its fullest benefits. It increases conversions and keeps current customers happy. It is easier to keep a customer than to get a new one after all. For this holiday season, consider extending phone and online-based customer service hours. If a customer is looking to shop at 10 p.m. and there’s no available service representative, it’s possible to lose that sale and following visits. Last minute sales do matter to the bottom line.


Xipix can handle Shipping Customer Service for you. You are the Expert in Your Business. Let us do what we do best. We help you create a positive customer experience.

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