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3 Best Emails to Send Before the Christmas Holiday Shopping Season is Over.


Online retailers are looking to get as many sales as they can for what’s left of the holiday shopping season. Although there are reports that retail sales are on the decline, it does look like ecommerce sales are increasing, especially during the holidays. According to comScore (link here), Cyber Monday Sales Jumped 18 Percent to $1.735 Billion in Online Sales. That is HUGE for eCommerce sales!


To help close some last minute sales, here are 3 best emails to send out before Christmas.


1. Last Chance for FREE Shippinglast-chance-free-shipping

Shipping costs are often the determining factor for holiday shoppers, especially last minute holiday shopping. Consumers may be thinking of braving the malls full of last minute shoppers, but if there is FREE Shipping, they may just Click instead of Drive. According to a, holiday survey released in October of 2013, 85% of online shoppers said that FREE shipping was “important” or “very important” when making an online purchase.

Send an email to your customers or advertise very clearly on your website the fact that you are offering FREE Shipping and can deliver by Christmas time. Make sure that your customers receive this email by about Dec 20th 2013. For more detailed Shipping Cut off dates, read our Holiday Shipping Cut Off Date for 2013 post from a couple weeks ago.


2. Clearance Sale BEFORE Christmaspre-holiday-clearance-sale

You may have stock that will not really sell well After Christmas, so why not reduce your stock by having an Early Christmas Clearance Sale? Before Christmas, your online store may be getting lots of traffic and sales, but After Christmas, it may be a whole different story. Consider offering the same great deals that you would offer After Christmas, but BEFORE Christmas this time. Why hold inventory that is not going to move after Christmas? Selling holiday inventory now would also get you valuable warehouse space that can be used for other items that will generate revenue during the off season.


3. Happy Holidays EmailHappy-Holidays

A great way to remind customers of your online store and also to build a lasting relationship is to write them a Happy Holidays email just before Christmas. On the 23rd or 24th of December, send out a short and sweet email to all your customers just to say Merry Christmas. It’s a great gesture of the holiday spirit and it could also spur some very last minute shoppers to get online and do some last minute shopping. If you are having a Clearance Sale BEFORE Christmas, all the more joy it will bring to you and your last minute shoppers.


Happy Holidays from all of us at and our parent company


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