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Start Sellign Online

3 Reasons to Start Selling Online


1.  Low Cost to Start Selling Online

Online selling has a very low start up cost.  Using a free but very well supported platform like WordPress and a professional quality theme, almost anyone can get it up and going with little to no cost.  Many of the big boys start selling online with simple online marketing to test their product.  They start selling online with just a few key products and this helps them get critical feedback before they spend a lot of money on TV and radio. We can help in all aspects of eCommerce Integration. We have a Free Trial Offer where you send us a portion of your inventory and we do everything related to Order Fulfillment and Pick, Pack and Ship for you. Read more about our Free Trial Offer here.


2.  Enhance your Product and Company Image

When you start selling online, you are creating an online presence which in turn increases the credibility of your product and your company.  It also facilitates better customer service, 24 hour access to your products and international exposure.  You can work out of your home and outsource the rest to an order fulfillment company.  You would be surprised how many of the products you purchase are actually run by home based businesses.  The key is to wow your customers with a great product, fast and accurate shipping, and awesome customer service, all of which can be outsourced to professionals that make you look good.


3. Data shows Now is  Great Time to Start Selling Online

comScore Reports $186.2 Billion in Full Year 2012 U.S. Retail E-Commerce Spending. That is up by 15 Percent vs. a Year Ago making ecommerce the fastest growing retail segment.  Now is a great time to start selling online. According to Practical Ecommerce, while it is certainly true that a significant amount of that growth came from large retailers like Amazon and Walmart, many small retailers selling items on marketplaces like Etsy or via nearly turnkey ecommerce solutions like Shopify or Volusion have also had a significant impact. These small ecommerce entrepreneurs can and do — in many cases — enjoy success and life-changing profitability. All of these small businesses need to have a handle, if you will, on the business of being in business, including accounting, operations, and marketing. But these are areas that many new business owners are prepared to oversee, and business surprises come from other quarters. Xipix Logistix can handle all aspects of Order Fulfillment for you so that you can concentrate on your key business practices.


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