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Real Time Analytics Make  Difference

print_management_teamFulfillment Companies operate off of Warehouse Management System (WMS).  They all report in different ways.  Ask to see their standard reports.

  • Are they real time – 24/7?
  • Do they have an online “dashboard” with easy to read relevant information?
  • Is their reporting mobile enabled?  Can you check on your inventory anywhere?
  • Do they automatically send alerts such as low inventory status, back orders, etc?
  • Is their system set up to automatically email your customers with shipping confirmation and tracking numbers?
  • Can they create custom reports?

Getting accurate information timely will be critical for making important business decisions.  In a survey of direct response professionals, real time reporting is one of the top 3 most important features of a good fulfillment company.  The other 2 are competent, friendly CSR’s and security.

Xipix Logistix fulfillment software has been refined and perfected over the years to provide all of these important features.  Check out our reporting capabilities.