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What do fulfillment Companies charge?

Pick Locations SmallEach fulfillment company operates under a different fee schedule.  It is common for clients of fulfillment companies to feel “nickeled and dimed” when they receive their bill.  This can be avoided with a detailed contract that states all fees clearly.  Xipix has designed its invoice to match the bid proposal so there are never any questions.

Most all fulfillment companies charge per order and per item.  You will also be charged a fee to store your inventory at the warehouse either by pallet and/or pick location.  There are extra charges for handling returns, international shipping and receiving.  Ask if they have monthly minimums or long term contracts.  It is easy to track by dividing total shipments by total charges, less postage.  Keep track on a monthly basis.

While order fulfillment costs and prices play a significant role in the decision making process, don’t let it be the only factor in your decision.  Many times we’ve seen companies with a great product outsource their needs to a company that gave them the cheapest prices, but had less than stellar performance and/or service.  We’ve even had companies come back to us because we left the door open.

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