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Tip #1 – Take a Tour

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More and more businesses today are outsourcing the delivery of their customer orders.  This enables the business to focus on managing customer relationships and increasing sales revenue while leaving the picking, packing, and shipment of their customer’s orders to a company that specializes in order fulfillment.  It can also save time and money, increase efficiencies and help businesses grow exponentially.

Before choosing an order fulfillment company it is important to feel certain that the products your customers buy will be delivered swiftly and accurately.  Following is the first of 10 important considerations to keep in mind when selecting an order fulfillment service.

1 – Visit the Facility

If possible take a physical tour of their facility.  Seeing how the parts of their order fulfillment system fit together seamlessly will help you decide if fulfillment services are a good fit for your company.  Many reputable fulfillment companies have a detailed demonstration video that gives you a tour of the services and systems and lets you see how the company integrates all aspects of the order fulfillment process.

For a virtual tour of the Xipix Logistix facility click here.