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Media Services

At Xipix we’ve built a company based on duplicating your best ideas and helping you expand your market. We are specialists in CD DVD USB Duplication Replication Services. CDI Media does this through innovative digital replication and superior CD, audio and video duplication. We provide everything from package design to total fulfillment.

CD Duplication and Replication

From raw material to full-color printed product, CDI Media can do it all. With complete silkscreen and packaging service, zero-day turns and the capability to complete any order whether its one piece or millions, it’s no wonder why CDI Media is recognized as one of the most efficient and reliable replication service providers.

DVD Duplication and Replication

Combining high quality with large capacity, DVDs are quickly becoming the disc of the future. CDI Media can help you take advantage of this revolutionary technology with complete authoring, mastering and duplication services.

Personalized Recordable CDs and DVDs

We provide imaging facilities and medical providers with pre-printed, DICOM compliant and Rimage compatible personalized exchange media for storing clinical information. Our discs are less expensive than film. Buying direct from the manufacturer saves time and money.

USB Flash Drive Duplication

Take advantage of a custom USB flash drive in your marketing initiative. Choose from over 45 different styles of USB drives including a full range of options and accessories. Load your marketing pitch, video, brochures, samples or reports on each drive.

Creative Services

Our expert staff of creative experts is available to assist you with services such as graphic design, web design and multimedia programming.


Our parent company, CDI Media, has grown to become one of the nation’s largest duplication centers.  Our dedication to quality and service remains unchanged.

CDI Media is one of the few replication companies that are ISO 9001:2008 certified. It is also one of the few that offer complete creative, production and fulfillment services.  For more information on CDI Media visit our website at


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