Show Customers The Love Year Round, Get Loyal Customers Year Round.

Show Customers The Love Year Round, Get Loyal Customers Year Round.


Show Customers The Love Year Round, Get Loyal Customers Year Round.


Customers are the lifeline of your business. Show them appreciation for being with you and they will turn into loyal brand ambassadors. Sounds too good to be true? Perhaps you want to get loyal customers year round. Well, customers want to be loved and cared for, and there are proven strategies to show customers your love beyond the season of love.

Surveys reveal that consumers want to stay with a brand if the latter has a personal and authentic voice.

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Treat Every Day Like Valentine’s Day

Your brand must earn the trust of your customers in order to stay afloat in the stormy sea of competition. It is a good idea to treat every day as special. Failure to respond timely to queries or complaints is not the right approach. Consistent communication holds the key to a lasting fruitful relationship with customers.

Start with establishing best practices for giving timely replies, because customers expect to hear from you at the earliest.

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Include Passion

What are the values that define your business? Remember, it is your values that clearly reflect the soul of your business. Show your passion and commitment to a cause and give consumers reasons to love your brand. Happy customers are more than likely to share your motivational message in the social media community. These efforts can win hearts and more so, lifelong customers or brand advocates.

A study done by Qualtrics reveals that Americans are more inclined toward purchasing from a brand that shares their opinions.

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Incentivize Loyalty

It has been said time and again that retaining your existing customers is easier and more cost effective than attracting a new one. Perhaps your customer base is critical for your business. How do you plan to incentivize or reward loyal customers or vocal advocates for your brand?

To showcase its gratitude to its Instagram followers, Birchbox offered giveaways and exclusive first looks to this stream of existing customers. When you reward customers for their brand loyalty, you take a step toward not only keeping them coming back for more but also spreading the word about your business.

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Exhibit an Act of Kindness to Get Loyal Customers Year Round

An act of kindness can impress your audience and leave a lasting impression. When you take the time to be kind and personal, your customers are more likely to remember this “act.” Get your creativity into play to show your kind gesture and send out a personalized message to your audience to engage with them.

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Bottom Line

So it’s all about listening to your audience, rewarding loyalty, building a loyal stream of customers, and use personalized touch to look special in the eyes of your followers and get an edge over the competition.


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