Don’t Take Your Most Loyal Customers For Granted!

Don’t Take Your Most Loyal Customers For Granted!


Don’t Take Your Most Loyal Customers For Granted!


Take your loyal customers for granted and you would leave them disappointed. If you think your loyal brand followers are yours for ever, you are mistaken. Brand loyalists also need a note of appreciation from time to time to stay committed to your brand.

There are ways to show appreciation to regular clients. You may send them a note of thanksgiving in the form of an email, postcard, Thank You card for their “undying loyalty.”

According to an L2 Research survey, participants expect regular engagement with brands. This could be in the form of programs with little personalized outreach to turn regular clients into devoted brand advocates.

On the other hand, you are losing an opportunity to drive sales by taking your loyal customers for granted. There is nothing more important than building brand loyalty when you are eyeing exponential business growth.



1. Rewarding Brand Loyalists

Without a stream of loyal customers, your business growth prospects are bleak. The focus should be to retain regular customers so that they keep coming back for more and provide steady revenue for your business.

When it comes to building brand loyalty, you ought to take steps to retain loyal customers by rewarding, encouraging, and appreciating their allegiance.

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2. Understand their complex value

What is the true value of each customer? When it comes to deciding what you will charge a particular client, you ought to understand their value for your business. What is the real worth of each customer in the long run?

Are your longtime customers satisfied with your business? Are they enjoyable to work with? It is a good idea to compare the value of repeat customers with that of new customers to create customized offers and loyalty initiatives for them.

Now you must be wondering how to assess this. Well, you may want to keep metrics for each client to see the bottom line revenue made from each customer.

  • How many referrals does each client send you?
  • You may also measure the efficiency of each client by assessing the amount of time spent with your business. How much emotional energy was spent on each customer? Is it worth your time?

You cannot ignore loyal customers who provide the greatest value for your business. It would be a gross mistake to ignore them. Rather, send a note of appreciation to let them know that you value their loyalty.

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3. Explore customer perk options

Loyal customers need more than a punch card for their loyalty. So how do you plan out your loyalty-building game? Get creative with loyalty incentives and tailor rewards to win hearts of customers.

According to Capgemini Consulting, 89 percent of brands fail to please their customer base with loyalty incentives. If you are thinking of old-school discounts to win over customers, you may soon realize this strategy doesn’t work.

Build a solid loyalty program for different segments of customers. This could be in the form of exclusive promotions or loyalty or reward points for each dollar spent. Individualized rewards can be a big attraction that can convince them to stick around.

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4. Show them love

Every relationship must be nurtured with love. Customers are no exception. Send them regular emails to continue to engage with them. However, make sure that customers understand you are not engaging in any promotional activity, so you do not get lost in the deluge of promotional flood from others.

It is a good idea to send them useful tips or messages to engage with customers on a regular basis. Make them feel part of an exclusive club and they will feel valued and bring them back for more.

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Bottom Line

Treat loyal customers with respect. Show them your love and appreciation, and they will pay back with interest.



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