7 Tips to Provide Great Customer Service to Millennials.

7 Tips to Provide Great Customer Service to Millennials.


7 Tips to Provide Great Customer Service to Millennials.


Why is there so much buzz about attracting millennials? Typically, the population born between 1980 and 2000 is categorized as millennial. This age group makes the largest demographic in the market. Not only this, they have a different view about customer service compared to baby boomers. As a result, they are influencing the marketplace and the way brands interact with their audience. As a business owner relying on current and new customers, if you haven’t yet focused on the expectations of millennials, you are seriously losing out to the competition that outperforms you in terms of offering great customer service to this demographic. You Must Know Why Your Customers Buy from YOU!


Here are a few tips to get you started with millennials:


1. Self reliant

When it comes to understanding this section of your audience, it is important to remember that the millennials are self reliant. They are born in the age of the Internet, where everything is just a click away. This means they want everything at their fingertips. If your website lacks key features, such as an FAQ section, community forum, or any form of customer help that walks them through the system, you are not going to be the first preference for this demographic.  Make it easier for your millennial customers to resolve their queries or concerns themselves on your website, rather than keeping them waiting for customer support. Additionally, it’s a cost-effective method for you, as you can cut back on the cost of hiring a customer service staff.

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2. It’s now or never

This section of your audience has grown up in the age of smartphones, where tons of information is at their fingertips. This means they want quick access to everything in real-time. Research shows that online customers expect brands to value their time. To the millennial population, it is either now or never, so they want a response within minutes of reaching out to the customer service, whether through social media or text messaging. If millennials are not able to get in touch with you in an instant whether via email or live chat, you are yesterday’s news to them.

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3. Active in multiple channels and devices

The essence of great customer service lies in catering to the specific demands of millennials, who switch from smartphone to laptop or vice versa and TV at least “27 times per hour.” Online brands that fail to connect with their millennial customers on multiple devices are losing out to the competition in more ways than one.

Make sure your website is mobile friendly, so it is easily on any digital device being used by the millennials. Not only this, a majority of your millennial audience is present in social media, which means they expect brands to be active in all the social channels.

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4. Not too keen on face-to-face communication or calling customer service

Almost 34 percent of millennials prefer having their teeth cleaned to calling a customer rep. Surveys reveal that about 26 percent would choose going to the DMV instead of calling a customer service representative.

To the millennial population, face-to-face communication is no longer relevant; rather, they like to communicate through social media or SMS.

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5. Personalization is Supreme

Though they aren’t too keen to interact over phone with customer service reps, they want to get familiar with the human face behind your brand. They like more personal, emotional engagement with brands, completely different from baby boomers.

An about us page with little information about your brand history, vision, and founders can go a long way in generating interest and trust among millennial population. They expect brands to share valuable, information-rich content that adds value and makes their lives better.

The best way to offer great customer service is to create value-driven content that they’ll want to share with others.

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6. Not afraid to leave a brand

Unlike baby boomers, millennials tend to leave a company even after a single poor experience. Statistics show that about 82 percent of millennial customers are not afraid to put loyalty aside after three bad experiences. This includes poor customer service.

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7. Welcome new experiences

It’s all about engaging the millennial population in a better way to keep them from moving to the competition. Offering them exciting new experiences is a step in that direction. Provide a level of service that enhances their journey with your brand. It’s a great idea to support a cause they support.

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Bottom Line

Millenials are a target market that you simple cannot ignore. Learn how to cater to their preferences and you can boost your bottom line.


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