5 Channels Required For Building Customer Loyalty.

5 Channels Required For Building Customer Loyalty.


5 Channels Required For Building Customer Loyalty.


Customers are the lifeline for any business. It is quintessential for businesses to keep customers happy so as to build brand loyalty. While it is crucial to attract new customers, keeping your existing customers happy is the key to business success. After all, it is your core customers that will continue to bring in revenue while being the true brand ambassadors.

Remember, acquiring a new customer costs as much as 6-7 times than retaining an existing one. You may be surprised to learn that loyal customers are more comfortable to spend more on your products and services compared to new customers. Thus it is critically important to reach your devoted patrons and take good care of them?


Mobile Search

With the proliferation of mobile technology, mobile phones are everywhere. An increasing number of consumers are spending more time on mobile searches so much so that mobile purchases are surpassing that of desktop, with two of every three minutes spent online is on mobile devices. As a marketer, failure to invest in a positive mobile responsive UX may not help your business. Businesses that fail to capture this audience are likely to lose out to the competition in the long run.

Additionally, shoppers who have a bad website experience are less likely to come back. No doubt, this will impact sales and overall business growth.

Longer loading times pose a risk of site abandonment by visitors.

It is crucial to have a fast-loading and mobile friendly platform with easy-to-use menus and safe and streamlined checkout processes.

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SMS Marketing

Text messaging loyalty programs are especially designed to engage core audience. Statistics reveal that 48% consumers prefer SMS as the ultimate platform to receive loyalty program messages. Treat your SMS customers with exclusive offers, making them feel special and privileged. Customers that sign up for loyalty programs are keen to receive special offers in their message box.

Sending personalized offers based on customer preferences can help build customer loyalty and boost your bottom line, ROI, and conversions.

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Social Network Marketing

Almost every other person is present in social media these days. When it comes to driving traffic, social networks can engage audience and bring you more customers. Social media helps drive customers to your brand and keep them engaged. Leverage social networks to spread the word about your brand by sharing posts, photos, and videos. It is important to respond quickly to customer queries to keep them engaged.

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Content Marketing

If you think consumers are no longer interested in reading content, you are wrong. Despite the rising popularity of YouTube and Instagram, content continues to be relevant in the branding and marketing industry. Well-researched content that tells customers about your product’s usefulness for them still holds value in the marketing world.

Content marketing generates 8 times higher traffic to websites than those lacking the same. No doubt, this gives you a great brand following and helps build customer loyalty.

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Live Chat & Email

Make it easier for customers to connect with your customer service to dispel doubts about your product or service. Having this feature on your website has the potential to improve customer experience and boost sales. With the live chat feature, visitors to your website can get their questions answered to improve their buying journey.

Similarly email continues to be one of the key tools to improve customer retention rates. Additionally, it is a good idea to send a welcome message to site visitors, send rewards, and share promotional packages and personalized email messages to build loyalty.

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Bottom Line

Concentrate on slowly building up into all these channels. Do not think that you have to be in every channel. Based on your industry, some may be more helpful for you than others. Think about it first and formulate your strategy and then do it! Here are 5 Great Ways to Use the Holiday Season to Help Your Business.



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